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  1. Folks, some of you have asked if we were trimming our forums since there are no sports at the moment. We’re going to keep everything open on the forums to provide a sense of normalcy here. It’s our hope Gator Country can be a place of comfort for you during these crazy times. Be safe my friends and take care. -Ray and the GC staff. GO GATORS IN AL KINDS OF WEATHER!

    PS. If you happen to find yourself in tight financial circumstances with regards to renewing here please reach out to us. We’d be happy to help sort it out.
Apr 11, 2007
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    1. Swamp_Monkey
      RIP, Jaggator.
      1. Doc_Zaius and swamp_monkey_v2 like this.
    2. rock8591
      Is that a pic of you?
    3. gatorjjh
      hope you and yours have a great Holiday, will be quiet here at our place we see the grandkids every week- they travel to see the other 2 sets of grandparents on most Holidays (a trade we would make every day) :) let me know if you start accepting friend requests :yes:
    4. gatorjjh
      check the last one - :)
    5. icequeen
      Can someone just please get you your own forum??? Call it "Jag's Palace of Male Enjoyment"
    6. Gatorrick22
      Your message on my rep is hilarious. And I agree 100%.
    7. keefer
      Jag my brother, I kinda quit repping last time they changed the game months ago, but I wanna wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and even a better New Year! Keep up the great posting, I always read anything with Jaggator attached to it!
    8. Deebo65
      there are a few "touching" on it.... But there has always been only one master. Eagerly anticipating your return my brotha
    9. Deebo65
      I see you lurkin in the Pub....
    10. gatornana
      Absolutely, the Gators are more important than the SOTU....Walkers 3 pt. shot had me jumping off the couch hollaring....:D

      Scared the cat. :ninja:
    11. mamag8ter
      Merry Christmas back to you and yours Jag. I am looking forward to the New Year and a new coach for our Gators.
    12. gatornana
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! Have enjoyed your posts and rep this year.....you're a hoot! Lookin' forward to more in '11! :D ~H
    13. gatorbronco

      Do you live in the Boise, ID area? Today I saw a vehicle near Cabela's that had an Idaho vanity plate with Jaggator on it.

    14. mamag8ter
      pussilannimous means you're yellow, a coward
    15. MusicCityGator
      My pleasure Jag.
    16. supagator
      Laura McKeeman who works for gator country. look her up on the members list, thought it'd be nice if she could at least have a star.
    17. GatorPrincess8
      didn't feel like getting made fun of anymore, see the delete this thread. I posted something and was made fun of and if that is how everyone feels why should I post to be made fun of, plus some health stuff has me worried so....
    18. mamag8ter
      Thanks Jag for the working on second star rep. will I be a celebrity then?
    19. gatordee
      Hey whats going on jag?? I noticed on the rep you gave me that there was a N/A where the post goes. Is there an easy way to return rep instead of me hunting down a past thread or post to return some rep?
    20. jewood592
      Thanks for the rep. I patiently await my 5th bar:)
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