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Dec 23, 2012
Mar 25, 2008
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HiFiGator was last seen:
Dec 23, 2012
    1. twinny23
      Still hoping for that DVD! Please contact me! ;)
    2. bigwill1223
      hey how are you doing man, i do not have espnU and am really pissed i havent gotten to see " everything in between " yet. i was wondering if you were still shiping copies out for a buck or so and how you would want to go about doing that.
    3. twinny23
      Hey there! I saw that you may be able to get me a copy of the Tim Tebow Everything In Between program! Can you send me an email so we can figure out payment, address, etc? (dont want to post it all on here ;) twinny2323@yahoo.com. Thanks!
    4. taelove
      What's your phone number again? Cindy changed phones and lost all her contacts Thanks

    5. HiFiGator
      tae, I'll keep my ears open, but I still need a ticket for me. I haven't had any luck so far. Larry Vettel offered me a couple for the Troy game, but I can't make the early games. Even if I cheat, I still have to work 'til 2 or 2:30. In any case, I'll keep an eye open, but I would be surprised if I stumble onto Tennessee tix. They are a very hot commodity right now. Either way, we'll be in the same spot probably starting a bit earlier. We'll probably be there by 9am for the Tennessee game. We'll have our famous Chicago Bear breakfast along with an adult beverage or two. Then I have to work for a few hours, but then I'll be back around 2:30. That's probably when I'll get my ticket from one of those friendly individuals with an "I need Tickets" sign.
    6. taelove
      what's going on brother? hoping youre having a great day, need some bigtime help locating 1 tix for the Vols game? Hit me back :)
    7. HiFiGator
      FYI, I'm not ignoring messages, I just never notice them with this newer format. In the old format, whenever I had a new message, a window would pop up telling me, everytime I signed on or made a post.

      I'm here and looking forward to Dollar night ... although I have a hunch that there still might be a Burrito Brother sighting ...
    8. limbwalkers
      Just a drive by to say Hi ...
    9. limbwalkers
      Great series this weekend HiFi ...
    10. limbwalkers
      Good Morning HiFi. Hope your day goes well ...
    11. limbwalkers
      Have a great weekend HiFi ...
    12. limbwalkers
      It's Great To See You Around The Horn. Enjoy Your Input ...

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