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Apr 3, 2007
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    1. GoGators99
      Debgator keeps bumping her slanderous threads about Obama so they can't die the death they deserve. Can they be locked?
    2. limbwalkers
      Happy Halloween Nana ...

    3. deathroll
      Hi Nana,

      I started a thread in Too Hot titled "Racism".

      There was nothing inflammatory in the thread (in fact, I thought it might even be tame enough for the Pub). I asked serious questions in an effort to try and understand why certain positions are considered racist, others not. The thread seems to have been deleted. Did I do something wrong?

      Kevin (Deathroll)
    4. vertigo0923
      mornin' nana!
      just a drive by to say 'hi'!
    5. texigator
      Hi nana,

      Things are going well. I won my latest court hearing when the judge denied the ex's motion to dismiss the restraining order. Texigator 3 Law School Graduates 0

      I watched the debate the other night along with my younger son and it was SO depressing. I think both Obama and McCain are big ZEROES. I didn't hear a single meaningful idea or concept from either one. My son (who is pro-Obama) and I both agreed that it was pretty sad that these two are the best we can come up with. No wonder the economy is melting down-both of the candidates fiddled whilst it was developing.

      Anyway, I'd tell ya to go ban shabby, but that's already been done!

      Take care,

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