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Jun 6, 2022
Jun 17, 2007
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The Irish Riviera


GC Hall of Fame, from The Irish Riviera

gatorman_07732 was last seen:
Jun 6, 2022
    1. vertigo0923
      All will be well once the divorce is final, right now my son has full custody, hoping it stays like that,praying it does. Its great having my son and grandson here though. Its just gonna be stressful for 3more months.....
    2. vertigo0923
      Not the Marine, the other one. Identical twins, lol
    3. vertigo0923
      Oh wow i guess i forgot to tell u, i thought i mentioned in the pub. Yeah my son. 2011 was a banner year ( well not so much...)
    4. vertigo0923
      Oh, not much... I'm lying.... so geting divorce, she ran offwith local guy, left my beautiful grandson though, so they moved home. Found out she had done it before in England, two children involved, she left them too.i don't know how a woman (or anyone) can run off and leave their kid(s)...crazy
    5. vertigo0923
      Hry, my Jersey friend! How are you, your wife and beautiful daughters?
    6. asuragator
      Very cool gman! Will you be going to Japan anytime soon? Let me know if you do. Just got back a few weeks ago (went over the holiday break). Got a chance to go to Okinawa, which was well worth it. I appreciate your asking about the wife! Still no luck though we are back to the grind and hoping something will break soon. It's absurdly tough out there, as I am witnessing firsthand. A real eye opener...
    7. vertigo0923
      yes i am on for game time (and it's not looking good right now, dangit)!~
      good to see you!
    8. vertigo0923
      it's pretty cool sharing a b'day with V.
    9. vertigo0923
      lol, it's v AND v's birthday, we share a birthday. lol.
    10. vertigo0923
      yeah, just feels like work and sleep. i'm so tired when i get home, its a bath and bed. not glad venus williams left the u.s. open due to sjogrens, but at least we have a spokesperson. so its just i'm tired, achy, an exacerbation that won't quit. and i sleep too much. but its football season, and i'm gonna enjoy it. how are YOU? and those beautiful girls?
    11. vertigo0923
      i miss you guys too, you have no idea how much.
    12. vertigo0923
      hey YOU!!! how are YA????
    13. vertigo0923
      this chronic b.s. thing, sjogren's syndrome, related to rheumatoid arthritis, and when it exacerbates, wow, you feel like crap. joints are on fire, hard to move, and the cold/damp made it a lot worse. you already deal with dryness year long. (skin, eyes, hair, mouth etc) so i was tired and achy and sleeping a lot, if i wasn't working. awful stuff. not fatal, just painful and saps the life outta you. and thank you for asking....rheumatologist wants to try those new r.a. drugs, but the 'possible' side effects made me decline (death, lymphoma....) my dad died from complications of lymphoma, sjogren's raises your lymphoma chances by 5%, so i realllllllllllly don't want anything else to contribute to my lymphoma chances.
    14. vertigo0923
      i've been sick......

    15. leahy
      as u know a lot of reppers made it possible not just me-----bob
    16. vertigo0923
      snowing? are you kidding me? .....wait, i believe that, its been overcast and drizzly and almost cold enough to snow.....but not quite, so that miserable drizzly cold rain... and we had two days in the high seventies with SUNSHINE before that.

      i picked uk to upset osu....wow.....
    17. vertigo0923
      i had a hair appt, and in the town i work. and it was at 4:00 our time. got done at 5:40 cst, its a forty minute drive. i guess tip off must have been a little late, cuz i got there and it had only been on about 2 minutes...yes i drove like a bat outta hell, but even i can't make 40 miles in twenty mins, and i have no idea what time it was when i got home, did not pay attention~
    18. vertigo0923
      i think i know what almost having a heart attack feels like.....
    19. vertigo0923
      Goooooooooooo gators!!!!!
    20. vertigo0923
      i will always keep your brother in my thoughts and prayers, my dad had nhl, he survived it actually, for 12 yrs, the treatment had been surgery and radiation treatment. later, it was the radiation that caused aplastic anemia. and he hadn't been sick or had a re-ocurrance in all those years. and that was a long time ago, and they've come so far in treating it. so i have high hopes for your brother, bless his heart.
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