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May 27, 2024 at 1:42 AM
Aug 26, 2008
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    1. G8trGr8t
    2. G8trGr8t
      new albums added
    3. G8trGr8t
    4. G8trGr8t
      apparently I have 2 flickr accounts. first one has Niagara Falls, Toronto, Glacier, Canadian Rockies, second one has a mix of Alaska, Hawaii
    5. G8trGr8t
    6. Gatorrick22
      Awesome pics, G8trGr8t.
    7. Gatormb
      Call for info on reverse mortgages. 941-758-6303. Will give you all the pros and cons.

      Mike Brady
    8. icequeen
      I'll comment...great pictures!
    9. G8trGr8t
    10. gatorcarnut
      Thanks for your quick reply.When we were there in '78 we found that the Tetons were more wild. Matter of fact, I was chased by a badger when I got too close. Believe me, that won't happen again.We will be there at the first of June. Couldn't get reservations in the park, so we are staying at west yellowstone. Ultimately going on to Vancouver Is. to stay with my wife's sister, who lives in Duncan. We will be returning by way of the coast hwy thru to midway of California. Stopping where we want.(retired).As far as bears, I have them in my yard about 2 or 3 times a month(Black thank goodness).
    11. G8trGr8t
      Thanks, glad you liked them. We are real fortunate to live in such an amazing country and I have been lucky to get to explore a lot of it with my kids.

      Some of the older pics were with a simple Minolta point and shoot when digital was just really getting started. Hawaiin / Alaskan / Yosemite scenery makes any camera look good, most of the rest without the date tags are with a Canon 20d, and a few were with a canon 40d.

      fwiw, I have found that the quality of the lens makes more difference than the camera though. Use of polarizing and other filters also helps bring out colors, add depth without resorting to editing software.

      Check the photobucket link for lots more pics of our travels if you like these.
    12. vanders
      incredible pics... enjoyed browsing through them
      what camera do you use?
    13. G8trGr8t
    14. whiskeygator
      Hey G8, I like your pictures. I seem to have an interest in similar places and activities. The grizzly photos fascinate me. In response to your post on 10/05/10, I have returned from 10 days of hiking in Glacier / Waterton area this last June and I have been to the Banff / Jasper area for hiking numerous times. These are some of my very favorite places and I am certain you will enjoy them. If you need any recommendations, I would be happy to oblige.
    15. mrrgator
      Hello, great photo at Bryce. What camera and main lens? frequent polarizer lens? tripod or monopod? again, great photo. thanks, Mikell
    16. Billygator76
      thanks for sharing that; they intend to do the same thing here; and its not the 'total' population it's the small number of terrorists that we will not be able to control or patrol certain areas. anyway thanks for the facts. Go Gators
    17. G8trGr8t
    18. Lawdog88
      Thanks for the compliments, G8. I appreciate your posts as well. Keep up the good work. But hey, be careful hanging out with that Kash character. He's pretty snarky.

      Best regards, LD88
    19. G8trGr8t
    20. gatordee
      Are these pictures or post cards? Incredible!!
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