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Mar 11, 2016
Apr 3, 2007
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Mar 11, 2016
    1. Metgator
      Still on the site? Curious as to your thoughts on last night's game and the program in general.
    2. Bullis33
      there will be times, based on matchups and depth that we will play 4, but that is a very small % of the time.....don't believe everything you hear or read on the internet, it will drive you crazy.....
    3. fostersheldon
      Billy is going to play 4 guards next season- Rosario already told Erik that coaches told him .
    4. fostersheldon
      Erik has been out for last 2 days for stomach bug and diarrhea ,not that anyone really cares...
    5. Bullis33
      Why is that? It would be silly for him to transfer, sit out a season, and wait when he is the starting PF here next year for certain.
    6. fostersheldon
      Erik is not going to be in Florida next year
    7. Bullis33
      you can continue using this format if you want too....it does not matter to me...whatever is easiest
    8. fostersheldon
      Good,I was just wondering...I will use the pm for now on!
      Thanks,I really enjoy your inputs.
    9. Bullis33
      just me....no worries...it is easier if you just click on my username and send me a private message rather than these wall type posts though,...but again, only I can see these
    10. fostersheldon
      Just a question for you,can anybody read these messages or is it just you(I hope)
    11. Bullis33
      Hey, outside of your family, no one wants Erik to get more minutes than me...love the kid and his long term potential.....he will be a monster next year as starting PF IMO
    12. fostersheldon
      You right,Erik has to keep working hard.my dad spoke with him long time last night.I think that Erik had a talk with coach Donovan too.I just want to see him play!
    13. Bullis33
      coaching a team is tough,...we are a top 15 team playing very well right now...I would love for Erik to see more PT, but he has been a foul machine since the injury and played very tentative...it is not all the staff's fault...if we were playing poorly, I could see the anger on your end, but we have really hit a stride and it is hard to justify more PT right now...most every kid at any program goes through tough times like this, some push through and end up better for it and some quit and transfer....I would hope Erik can see how Noah struggles as a FR and nearly transferred, how Chris Richard did not get down or complain sitting behind Al. Jo, etc and still is a pro and keep grinding....I definitely feel your frustrations and certainly everyone here (staff, Erik, you guys) need to get on the same page, but family is always a little biased in these situations...and I am not defending the staff as you know I call it like I see it on here....
    14. fostersheldon
      Billy loves Erik,you kidding right.I know that Erik is not playing good right now,he has no confidence,but 2 min and pull right out is not helping!
      They seem to think that Erik is happy with his "role" with the team...can't you see that he is really down right now,they should now their players better.How about helping him to get his confidence back.my dad is not happy.
    15. Bullis33
      Billy loves Erik, that much I know for a fact....his habit of picking up fouls early and often has most limited his minutes....if he can stay out of foul trouble, he will be fine...and I have coached enough kids that have played college ball to know that what he is going thru is perfectly normal
    16. fostersheldon
      :ninja:My mom and I were just in Gainesville for 5days.at vanderbilt and Kentucky game.
      She is so sad and my dad is mad.we know thatvit's up to Erik tonstep up but he needs some support .he has no confidence
      Right now.he is not happy.maybe Billy doesn't think that Erik is good in off to play in sec.
    17. Bullis33
      Tell Erik to keep working...he has really struggled on D lately which has limited his minutes, but you know I am a huge Erik fan...all good things in time
    18. Bullis33
      I will assume it is Duke then....disappointed if true but good luck to him
    19. fostersheldon
      Hi! Alex is announcing tomorrow...he made his calls to the coaches today that he is not going ...UF was on the list!
    20. Bullis33
      I think patience is best for all involved....Erik will be needed down the stretch this season and will be counted on for 30 min a game next year and to be our feature low post player on offense
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