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Feb 22, 2024 at 2:12 PM
Apr 9, 2007
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Marianna, Fl


GC Hall of Fame, from Marianna, Fl

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Viewing forum Diamond Gators, Feb 22, 2024 at 2:12 PM
    1. Gatorrick22
      Thanks for all the positive reps, my good Nole/Gator friend.
      1. 74nole likes this.
      2. 74nole
        It’s always fun to follow the game threads with you my friend. Gatorgal04 surely does a fantastic job of spoiling us-her narratives give us so much to enjoy and work with.
        Jun 17, 2023
    2. gatorjjh
      had to shorten the sunday postto head toGvl in time for softball :) normal tomorrow:)
      1. 74nole
        Travel safely and have a great day
        Mar 19, 2023
    3. GornGator
      Hey there 74, saw your post in the Game 3 thread with Miami. You mentioned "Uncle Charlie". He's the guy with the last name of "Bender", correct? Always thought he just went by the nickname of "Deuce". :) LOL Had to bring this up because in my playing days, that pitch was my kryptonite...... Anyway, great series win today against the Canes. Have a great day there, see you on the boards again. GO GATORS!!!!
      1. 74nole likes this.
      2. 74nole
        Oh yeah, Uncle Charlie, Deuce, Bender, Hook, and that one put him in the rocking chair were all descriptives of a good curveball in our day—and a bad one was generally referred to as a Hanger…Have a great day.
        Mar 6, 2022
        GornGator likes this.
    4. gatorfan5220
      Ten pounds in oven
    5. gatorfan5220
      74, got a pork shoulder roast. How would you cook it and what temp. Thanks in advance.
      1. 74nole
        Weight of your roast and bone-in or boneless? You prefer to cook it in the oven or on a smoker?
        Sep 24, 2019
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