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Apr 3, 2007
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Retired Gator in the mountains. Jul 25, 2018

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    1. BGM
      Were Steve Sykes and John Willis on that ‘67 freshman team.
    2. 67walkon
      Retired Gator in the mountains.
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    3. mrbeaks
      I went to glenridge and knew mike too, before he transferred to edgewater, you and I probably are at least acquaintances? Louis Kilgore
    4. 67walkon
      Its probably not all that interesting. In 1967, I began school as a freshman. My HS career at Edgewater in Orlando had been decent, but not great. Some small schools offered me scholarships, but it never occurred to me I would go to school anywhere except UF.
      Tommy Bartlett was the coach. I went to the bball office when school started, filled out some forms and started doing pre-season conditioning with the scholarship guys. Back then, freshmen weren't eligible for the varsity and played a schedule against other freshmen teams and junior colleges. We had 4 guys on bball scholarships and 1 who was sort of a baseball/bball guy. Jeff Miller, Jerry Hoover, Todd Lolich and I think a guy from Jax whose name I can't recall were the scholarship guys.
      I have some pretty good memories of Neal Walk, Andy Owens, Winkler, McGinnis and some others. I would be happy to share, but this message thing doesn't allow. We all practiced together, so that was very cool.
    5. MikeCapshaw
      So what is your walk-on story? Would be curious to know and also curious if you would be willing to share. If so, we could get going on it.
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