Latest Composite Rankings

The Composite Recruiting Rankings are an aggregate ranking of football recruits who have been ranked in the four major recruiting services: ESPNU, Scout, 247Sports and Rivals. Rivals, 247Sports, Scout and ESPNU all provide lists that rank the top football recruits, so has created a formula to combine these lists to spit out one aggregate ranking.

How It Works: We’ve created a database with the ranking of each individual football recruit in each of the four services. What this does is allow us to come up with a composite score for each of the football recruits. Basically, it’s an average of the four rankings with a slight scaled multiplier applied for players who are only ranked in one or two of the four services.

This provides us with a score from one to 400 for each of the football recruits. The lower the score, the higher the player will be in the composite ranking. Any player that is ranked in any of the four recruiting services will be on our composite list.

This year’s ranking will include prospects who fall out of the rankings at various points in the recruiting cycle as we update our ranking.

Note – Please notify if you notice any discrepancies in the list, as we want this to be as accurate as possible.

ESPNU is a registered trademark of ESPN, Rivals is a registered trademark of Yahoo, Scout is a registered trademark of Fox Sports, and 247Sports is a registered trademark of 247Sports. Gator Country is not affiliated with any of these networks who produced recruiting rankings attributed to them.

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