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Behind the Numbers: Florida Gators Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham

When you think of the Florida Gators from 1990 to 2009, you think offense. You think high powered high-offense and lots of points.When you...

Burney excited about the future for the Florida Gators under Mullen

Athlete commit Amari Burney is excited about the future of the Florida Gators program after taking his official visit this weekend to meet with Dan Mullen and his new staff.

Huggins excited about a chance to play for “DBU”

DB John Huggins picked up an offer from Florida on Tuesday and said it's exciting to have a chance to play for "DBU."

Dan Mullen’s strengths and weaknesses as a coach

As you'd expect, Dan Mullen developed a reputation for a variety of things in his nine years in Starkville.He was known as a quarterback...

Thoughts of the day: January 21, 2014

The cheap tickets for next year's national championship game will start at $1,899.

Thoughts of the day: January 16, 2014

Thomas Holley is the third player Will Muschamp has flipped. Will there be more?

The Mark Miller Report: Rambling from Chicago

Mark Miller reports this week from Chicago where all things are very cold.

Thoughts of the day: January 15, 2014

Florida set a school record Tuesday night with its 25th consecutive home victory.

Thoughts of the day: January 13, 2014

It is Charles Barkley's contention that a coach has to be given at least four years.

Thoughts of the day: January 8, 2014

All too early predictions for next season's Southeastern Conference football race.

Thoughts of the day: October 31, 2013

How will the Gators go about attacking the Georgia defense Saturday in Jacksonville?