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Apr 18, 2018
Apr 23, 2007
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I'm ALL IN with Dan Mullen Jan 13, 2018

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Apr 18, 2018
    1. Swampie
      I'm ALL IN with Dan Mullen
    2. Swampie
      Hanging in there
    3. Swampie
      that's as useful as tits on a bull....
    4. g8rlarry
      Hey, I remember when I first started reading message boards... your site got me hooked on recruiting and general topics. Glad to see you are still around ... thanks Swampie for giving me many years of joy and addiction :) I hope health wise you are doing better... bless you
      1. Swampie likes this.
    5. Swampie
      thank you
    6. g8roandb
      Wanted to say great article on you and Urban's stress! I'm sure Ray and all of us at GC are thankful for you being apart of GC keep up the good work!
    7. buzzygator
      call me 321 806 9916, buzzygator (Dan - Rockledge)
    8. joegator
      Hey Swampie, sorry, I just saw your message. I don't know him all that well, but have had lunch a couple times with him. His company is called Momentum Productions.

      You could probably just call up and speak to him about your idea.
    9. bustergator
      think you have the wrong poster. i dont have the power to move threads and i dont even know the one you're talking about.
    10. G8RJohnathan
      Thanks for all you do to make this a good site, although I don't really know your connection to the site. Anyway, I think you are the third person I have seen mentioning something about Debose being the next Debose as opposed to Debose being the next Harvin. Is this something that Debose is saying? I only wonder because you insiders from different sites are all saying the same thing on this front.
      Thanks again,
    11. Swampie
      dre can't call anyone right now. sorry, my email is ibswampie@aol.com
    12. gatorsbait87
      whats up swampie... u can give me a call at 2024710833.. this is dre
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