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Nov 29, 2014 at 4:01 AM
Apr 3, 2007
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May 7, 1959 (Age: 55)
Las Vegas

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VIP Member, 55, from Las Vegas

VIP Member
MJGator8104 was last seen:
[On Tapatalk]Managing account details, Nov 29, 2014 at 4:01 AM
    1. BradDad
      Got the message about relocation. I hear Vegas is pretty family-friendly if you stay away from the Strip; hope that proves to be true.

      Have you kept your tickets? I ask because I have a girlfriend now (and I'm very happy with her) who has lots of kids - - - the ability to possibly pick up an extra couple of tickets from time to time would be very valuable.
    2. wag1988
      Hey, Its Amanda!
      So, iv been sitting here for a good while on this site and Finally found you on here...lol
    3. MJGator8104
      Either me or Jerri. Figured your posts were way to intelligent for the average message board poster. After all. How many Brads can be in Section 57 row 77 anyway? Glad to know you're here. Love your insight on the board as much as I do when you're at the game. Look forward to seeing you at FSU. And if it was at 3AM i'd be there too. I only wish I could watch at Pasedena too, but I'll enjoy all I can next week. Also, we'll be at the Alumni building before the game. got lifetime memberships, so let me know if you want to come over. 931-289-9214 Text or phone
    4. BradDad
      so is this you, mark?

    5. MJGator8104
      Always appreciate it! Thanks, Limb.
    6. limbwalkers
      Just a drive by to say Hi ...
    7. MJGator8104
      Wish we could. Won't be able to be in Florida until the end of May (vacation in Tampa). Are you and your family going? If so, have a great time for me! ;)
    8. limbwalkers
      Are you going to the O & B ...
    9. MJGator8104
      Thanks, Limb. Hope ya'll have a great weekend! (It certainly did start early!)
    10. limbwalkers
      Good Morning MJ. Just an early morning driveby ...
    11. limbwalkers
      Have a great weekend MJ ...
    12. MJGator8104
      We're great, thank you, and hope you're also doing well. Jerri
    13. limbwalkers
      Good Morning MJ. Hope all is well with you ...
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    May 7, 1959 (Age: 55)
    Las Vegas