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Apr 3, 2007
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July 19
West Hills, Ca
Finance-Real Estate


GC Hall of Fame, Male, from West Hills, Ca

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Viewing thread Former Gator Coach DJ Durkin gets emotional about death of football player Jordan McNair, Jun 21, 2018 at 12:46 AM
    1. BenCornfield
      Heyyy malscott, I would just like to apologize for the typos in today's article.

      I'm not messing around, or humoring you. I feel awful and extremely unprofessional, and it's looking like the smartest thing to do is to take your advice and print out each of my reports.

      I have been pretty busy with the whole moving process, coming down to Gainesville, but I will 100% agree that that is no excuse for typos. I'm embarrassed and I will work even harder than I already am to make sure you are getting the level of journalism you deserve, and I mean that.

      I am so glad you're a member of Gator Country. I know I have been portrayed as a light-hearted guy, but if there is one thing I take extremely seriously it is my reports, and, again, I am really upset with myself for messing that up.

      Have a GREAT night, and from now on I will absolutely make sure to bring you the type of journalistic integrity you deserve.

      Take care,

    2. malscott
      Indeed :) Be well...
    3. DarthG8RV3
      Thanks for the kind words , pehaps at a Tailgate we can share a cold one someday .
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    July 19
    West Hills, Ca
    Finance-Real Estate
    Grew up in Greenwich , Conn. Moved down to Miami, went to Miami-Dade, then moved up to G'ville. Went to UF. Moved out to Cal in the late eighties. Married. Used to do theater at the Hippodrome. Worked at the Underground Pipeline and TV69. Jam in clubs with Nancy Luca occasionally when we're both in town. Play drums and guitar.

    Skiing, Martial Arts, Music, photography, Swimming, scuba-diving,blues music...