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    1. ncbullgator
      Dropped the WSJ article concerning Hillary. Very weak.
    2. gatorjjh
      thanks for the sig fix, let me know when you discover what the deal is so I can change it myself
    3. FlyingGatorII
      Hall..can you tell me who has been deleting my posts with no explanation? Thanks
    4. LittleBlueLW
      I want post 27 in the 'Nations only...' thread deleted and at a minimum Row6 warned, if not given a little vacation.

      I reported it a little while ago but if Nana is at the helm I'm probably SOL.
    5. DuPontGator
      Why am i banned from nbn... Shady man
    6. therealfan
      hey you said pm you if I had any questions well I have one.... and I want an answer I feel like I deserve one. you are clearly holding a grudge because in your eyes I disrespected your sight. Fine I get it. I apologized and have been at least civil yet again and again you unfairly take my post down. you then reference the first infraction. what is wrong with you. more specificly why do you feel the need to repeatedly take my post down in defense of my school and my team. and I do it in a very civil and cordial manner clearly you are targeting me and really its biased and not very fair. so answer me with a valad point and not just because I insulted you guys on my first post. you insulted my school you should expect no less than me to come out swinging. but since I have been nice enough. so what gives hall moniter
    7. tupacbiff
      So what happened to the Parker thread re byu? I've always had an understanding w the mods that if something was done to a thread I started and put effort into I would get a courtesy message. What happened?
    8. chompalot
    9. GatorJason

      Please delete my double post of FSU Game MVG: Patric Young. I thought I copied and posted in Full Court Press but I was still in NBN. Sorry!
    10. rajinGator
    11. InstiGATOR1
    12. Gatorrick22
      Hall, whatever happened to Zeus?
    13. wargunfan
      "Race baiting, gay bashing, inserting race into a thread that tries to assert racism as an opinion of another poster will no longer be tolerated in any form.

      Calling someone a racist, gay or any other term such as these will result in your being blocked from the forum."
      Are you going to enforce this rule wherein 96Gatorcise accused me of wearing a white hood?
    14. jibmonk
      **** off bitch
    15. vertigo0923
    16. thedyc09
      Happy Birthday Hall!
    17. gatornana
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! ~H
    18. Zeus
      Hey HALL, thanks for the "welcome back," but I posted the thread over at the Pub and they moved it to Too Hot. Doesn't look like we'll be enjoying the election results but we can savor the victory over Georgia! ~Zeus
    19. Zeus
      HALL, last year I started a thread on a book called The Political Brain by Emory University Professor of Psychology Drew Weston, a liberal Democrat. Weston showed how most voters make decisions on an emotional level, and argued that politicians should use techniques that would appeal more to voters emotionally than intellectually.

      I knew (and suspect that you did also) that Obama was using techniques similar to those that Weston had advocated but believed that he had taken the techniques to a higher level. According to the author of the link I'm providing you Obama is using hypnosis techniques developed by a Dr. Milton Erickson, MD, that use : "a
      form of “conversational” hypnosis that could be hidden in seemingly normal speech and used on patients without their knowledge for therapy purposes. Obama’s speeches intentionally contain:

      Trance Inductions
      - Hypnotic Anchoring
      - Pacing and Leading
      - Pacing, Distraction and Utilization
      - Critical Factor Bypass
      - Stacking Language Patterns
      - Preprogrammed Response Adaptation
      - Linking Statements/ Causality Bridges
      - Secondary Hidden Meanings/Imbedded
      - Emotion Transfer
      - Non-Dominant Hemisphere Programming"

      [end quote]

      Here's the link:

      It's long but looks interesting. Could have been written by a whack job but I don't think so (I've read a couple of pages). Might be an interesting thread topic at Too Hot.

      Take care, Zeus
    20. Zeus
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