Apr 3, 2007
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Moderator VIP Member
    1. cocodrilo
      When I click on the "I love Coach Gillespie!" thread, I get this message:

      "Deceptive site ahead

      "Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or reading your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards)."

      Since I see that there are 5 replies in the thread, I have no idea why this is happening.
    2. StrangeGator
      Was wondering if there was something you or one of the other admins could do to memorialize Darth on the main page.
    3. wygator
      Hi, Nana!

      Just wondering why my thread titled "For those who say food stamp benefits are small" was closed.

    4. Burke
      I started a thread dealing with Rand's views on racism. It's rapidly turning into something else. If you want to delete it, I have no objection. In retrospect, with signing day coming up, it was not a good idea right now.

    5. chompalot
    6. busigator96
      hi nana. i am at a point in my life where i can be more active on here. i have really missed everyone on the forums. thank you for being patient with me!
    7. GatorAvatar
      I wonder what your political affiliation is (I have my suspicions).
    8. gatorman_07732
      Hah...All kinds of lazy Dem's invading our beach here. Crazy, I'm within walking distance to the beach and only go maybe on a Sunday night with the girls. I have a phobia of all the people but after labor day it's a double bonus; gator football and we get our town back. Got some new pics in my profile of us on the beach.
    9. VolsFan07
      Your the best, Nana!
    10. egator1245
      OK I agree Bill's thread was on the edge and argumentative. Bujt what about Ga is fullof murders and racist and the tea party is racist? Both are patently untrue. If I find somebody to quote with hateful vile lies is it OK to start a thread with that? Then rethink your earlier response. Thanks`
    11. egator1245
      What happened to Bill's thread on Cain being The first black president and why, if I may ask. Thanks.
    12. vertigo0923
      i have gotta say i am SO glad i wasn't around too hot for the weiner scandal, lol, that had to be hell......
    13. vertigo0923
      just a lot of stuff at once, and sometimes ya feel 'i'm too old for this stuff', we're all ok, it's just been a stressful busy period. and i'm so tired....
    14. vertigo0923
      missed all of you guys too, really! just had a lot of life get in the way.....
    15. GatorJeff

      Someone needed to to call the conservatives out on that thread. Geeez, what myopic disdain for brother man. Unbelieveable. Hey, let's blame Obama for everything. Granted, my comments were over the top, but that's the only way to get their attention. I'll refrain from "Hitler" references in the future, but do any of those guys care about the indigent children, the elderly and the handicapped? I don't think so. If they do, it doesn't manifest itself in any discussion on anythread on the board. Not a single one of them mentions taking care of the poor (in fact they invariably refer to the poor as "lazy"), but about 3/4s of them thump their chest and claim to be Christians.

      The consevative voices already outnumber the moderates and liberals about 5 to 1 on THFSG. If I'm tossed off the board, I'll certainly accept that decision an go hang out on the sports forums. That will reduce my blood pressure. :)
    16. busigator96
      nana, why is everyone getting mad at each other all of a sudden? is the writing on the wall re: Obama and that is causing friction?
    17. leahy
      hope its bar 5
    18. vertigo0923
      hey, how ya doing? missed you and 'too hot'~
    19. VolsFan07
      Thanks for the rep and kind words for my daughter!
    20. gatorbill
      I passed your comment about my wife's blog on to her. She says thanks.

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