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Apr 3, 2007
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Irvine, Fl

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BS Jm, UF Class of '69, Male, from Irvine, Fl

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? Nov 29, 2013

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    1. rock8591
      It's true that steroids shrink do I know?

      Years ago my doctor actually prescribed me some, because mine were simply growing to be too big...
    2. supagator
      Did we ever figure out what a trophy point is?
      1. gatorjjh
        there was a post weeks ago that showed the things that rated points- most of our regular crew is maxed out at 113, I hope that the limit will be raised to allow a gradation similar to what we had before they took the cuffs off and essentially made the rep points irrelevant
        Jan 5, 2014
    3. Gatorbob76
      Merry Christmas jih. Thanks for all you do.

      1. gatorjjh likes this.
      2. gatorjjh
        thank you very much and Merry Christmas & a Safe, Happy 2014 to you and yours :)
        Dec 22, 2013
    4. gatorjjh
    5. gatorjjh
      In ALL Kinds Of Weather
    6. gatorjjh
    7. gatorjjh
      A Glass Half Full Kind Of Gator
    8. prgator
      I guaranteed a victory. I didnt say which side. :-)

      Nonetheless, Go Gators and beat those dawgs!
      1. gatorjjh likes this.
    9. anstro76
      just found it very brave of you to admit. i don't like or dislike
      1. gatorjjh likes this.
    10. prgator
      So true on all counts.
      1. gatorjjh likes this.
    11. Kpgogators
      Agreed. The principle of delayed gratification is gone, sadly. Gators will rise again and I hope it's under CWM. Thanks for the message.
      1. gatorjjh likes this.
    12. Kpgogators
      In all kinds of weather, my friend. In all kinds of weather.
      1. gatorjjh likes this.
    13. prgator
      In all kinds of weather indeed!
      1. gatorjjh likes this.
    14. alphaomegator
      I loved baseball as a boy. Detroit Tigers were my early years were spent in Hampton Rds,Va. Strangely, all the Tiger games were broadcast by radio into the Virginia Tidewater area. Ergo, my love for the Detroit Tigers. As a boy I knew all the players names and their stats by memory..Great invention, American baseball! Regards, Alpha..
      1. gatorjjh likes this.
    15. Kpgogators
      That's for the reps!
    16. Tjgators
      Thanks for all the reps. You could have a dayglo party on this page.
    17. anstro76
      that's the one
    18. prgator
      I love(d) and frequented all three of those places. Was terribly bummed when cafe gardens closed. You have great taste! :-)
    19. prgator
      Great to hear you like Hogans, too. I always go there at least once, if not two or three times when I visit my mom. Pretty good place to watch a game, too.
    20. LeapingLizard
      Thanks for the rep.
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    In All Kinds Of Weather...............


    Irvine, Fl
    I am a child of the 60's, marched, smoked, flunked out of UF more than once, graduated on time with a BS in Journalism, taught middle school kids, worked for local & state teacher unions, owned a Political Consulting business, managed campaigns, did demographic work for those weird looking election disctricts everyone but the courts hate, wrote & edited a newsletter on Florida Politics and now work for the Dept of Children & Families piloting a telecommuting project.
    I love telecommuting because it lets me spend more time on my family & babysit my 2 grandchildren regularly.
    I live with turkeys, deer and assorted other wild critters on 30 acres of scrub in Irvine not far off I 75 and in Palm Coast where my wife works in local government.
    I love words, music (R & R, R & B, Blues, anything by Bob Dylan, Levon Helm or Warren Zevon), and believe Don Imus is a hero for his straight talk & all the charities he supports and causes he champions.