Jan 19, 2012
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Aug 20, 1952 (Age: 61)

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Forum Admin, 61, from Jacksonville

Staff Member GC Staff VIP Member

I do not know why that permission skips, does it or me too. should still be able to go to permissions page and fix the admin access. Dec 18, 2013

    1. Gatorrick22
      Yeah, that's what I'd like to know too. Growl, why can't use the "winner" rep emoticon as the trophy points?
    2. icequeen
      Hey! How come you get 434 trophy points, and we're stuck on 113? :D :D
      1. Gatorrick22 likes this.
    3. The_Graygator
      So I get a warning because I am provoked by lurkers or trolls who seem obsessed with starting pissing matches with those not happy with Muschamp?

      OK, I just hope they got warnings too for provoking and harassing and insulting people. Listen, I'm just sick and tired of being provoked on every thread.

      Just be fair is all I can say.

      Happy Holidays.

    4. Lawdog88
      Some members have identities just to trash others, but don't post anything of their own: lojo, clearly a troll. Rep system needs fixin'.
    5. GatorGrowl
      I do not know why that permission skips, does it or me too. should still be able to go to permissions page and fix the admin access.
    6. supagator
      David, are likes ( known as licks in the pub )the new rep? What are trophy points, anyways? How does one acchieve a trophy point?
    7. UFGator05
      Hey growl, for some reason I've been able to post threads or comments since this morning. Not sure what happened, but I can only read them and there is no text box. Think you might be able to check into this for me? Thanks so much.
    8. GoGator
      Growl we can't lose you. You are truly one of the gator greats.
    9. tim85
      Thanks for the reps. Excited for the new board, any idea on when that thing is going to drop?
    10. Kpgogators
      Thanks for all the rep!
    11. beachpiratefla
      Hey David I have been trying to change the details underneath my user name from Premium Member back to Resident Pirate but to no avail...let me know how to do it as I have tried several different ways and nothing works...
      Thanks Dave
    12. oldgator
      Request a ban or other discipline of Gatorrick22 for post in the thread
      "Does ANYONE believe this comment from 0bama re: gay marriage?

      specifically post number 10 in that thread. My previous post was a picture describing the thread conduct as a circle jerk. Which is cokmonly used term on boards describing posters basically saying the same thing to support previous posters statements. Gatorrick responded with a post that is a direct attack on me in regard to sexual preference. I happen to be heterosexual. But regardless of that I believe commenting in an insulting manner of another poster's sexuality is way out of bounds. I believe tolerating such conduct as Gatorrick22's in this board is a violation of board policy.

      Thank you

      I don't believe a simple apology is sufficient as that poster has made personal attacks on other posters on the board numerous times.
    13. wygator
      Wondering why my thread titled "For those who say food stamp benefits are small..." was closed? Thanks,

    14. chompalot
    15. GoGator
      Hey David--are you still producing DVD's? If so I sure would like to have the So. Carolina and LSU games. Whats a good price? If your not we are cool.

      dan mullis in Hoover Al. 522 south sanders rd--Hoover, Al 35226
    16. theorangebluewinagain
      I believe that I am being removed from Too Hot unnecessarily. HallGator and Gatornana are not of my political persuation and will ban me at the slightest edgy think I post. I have never been reprimanded by a conservative, Why?
    17. chompalot
      Romneyman was not a dupe. If I'm wrong, please show me where.
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    Aug 20, 1952 (Age: 61)