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Apr 3, 2007
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HEAVY-HANDED OPPRESSOR, from Too Freaking close to Buckeye Tech

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Just have been busy with remodeling the house. I have been posting however. Jan 31, 2016

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May 25, 2016 at 9:58 AM
    1. GatorFanCF
      I screwed up - I am sorry. (And embarrassed). Just realized I will be in Austin, TX that weekend visiting my son who goes to UT. I have 3/31 and 4/5 blocked off but didn't register on the weekend. DOH!

      I'm very sorry, Cop. Please don't put an ABP out on me. I'm guilty of over-enthusiasm w/ a lack of organization.
      Count me in for $100 for the charity. And, again, my apologies to you.
    2. gatorcop
      Just have been busy with remodeling the house. I have been posting however.
    3. trickster
      Haven't seen a post from you lately, and I miss them.
    4. gatorcop
      Swampie, file a police report.
    5. Swampie
      and his story had to be bullshit, didn't hear a knock on my door, if he would have my new dog a female pitbull would have gone nuts. I probably wouldn't recognize the man if I saw him again. What's your opinion, if I am killed by the way he was about 5'7 to 5'9, thin maybe 145 pounds or so, looked to be 55 to 60 years ole, his face was rather haggardly looking black hair.
    6. Swampie
      He stopped said he was looking for 500 W Charlotte Ave, the Robinsons. I told him this was 510, asked if he unlocked the nut and bolt I have on my chain link fence gate, he said yes. I said put it back in, he replied he would. Wasn't till later I realized my front door is always open
    7. Swampie
      Cop want your advice. Should I file a report with the police. Saturday afternoon at about 3:20 I was getting out of the shower and noticed a man going into my back screened in porch, leave the door open for my dog. I yelled at him, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!
    8. gatordon
      You locked a thread that doesn't even mention Treon, I submit that you may be overstepping your role here and are censoring someone who is a loyal Gator fan and a regular contributor to this forum. I await your response before decicidinhg on my future membership
    9. MrB-Gator
    10. gatorace
      Hi cop, I tried to post a sentence with the following words " coach fizzel", but my post were automaticly changed to coach, coach.
      Is that word blocked for some reason, or is there some other issue? I tried to edit it back twice, with the same results.
    11. LittleBlueLW
      can we please remove the bama steriods thread? it's complete bs and the op knows it and is even backpedaling on it.
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    Too Freaking close to Buckeye Tech