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Aug 27, 2017
    1. 60sDCGator

      I have had several similar offers, but yours came in first, so I'm going to start with you and see if and how me might consumate the deal. Where are you located? I live in Jacksonville, so if you are still interested in purchasing the four tickets at $150.00 per ticket, then hopefully there may be a possiblilty of meeting up with you if by chance you might live in this area. Otherwise, you can call me at (904) 998-2298 and maybe we can work something out. I would however, need cash, cashiers cheque or money order if you live outside this area before I could release the tickets, but I can overnight them to you if need be, but we can discuss further if you are still interested. I am a loyal trustworthy Gator alumn and season ticklet holder since the mid 70's, who is currently retired after almost 40 years in Sales & Marketing with CSX Transportation (Railroad) here in Jacksonville just to give you a little background. I can also give you a reference number of a guy that I dealt with before the Miami game that lives in Tampa who bought 2 of our Miami game tickets from me and everything went smoothly in terms of him sending me a money order and receiving his tickets. Him & his wife sat in my seats for that game (right beside me and my friend who owns two of the four tickets) and loved the seats. He paid $150.00 per seat for that game, so although I believe these tickets may be with more in terms of it being LSU, $150.00 seems fair enough at this point, especially since we are not really interested in making a fortune off Gator tickets, but are just trying to recoup some of our rather expensive booster fees associated with these particular season ticket packages.

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