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Oct 22, 2014
Apr 3, 2007
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Oct 22, 2014
    1. robbry3
      "They offered me a sweet deal and made it clear that I was free to use the Tramps at FAMU if I wanted to add some variety and broaden my education." What you wrote was different than what you intended. My wife, a graduate of FAMU, read it the same way. I took offense because of her, my mother, my mother in law many other female relatives, all attended and some graduated from FAMU.

      Read more:
    2. casualman
      Hi bud! Long time what are you doing here? It`s the gubbs. They call me casualman here. LOL! They have no idea, do they? I am glad to see you here. I miss ya alot TOS poster of the year. Your the man and me well I am The One and Only LOL!
    3. harvinfan
      I'm from Sanger, near Fresno. How does a UF alum end up all the way in Fresno. Is their any Gator Clubs in Fresno? Also I couldn't find your twitter page, I checked under FresnoGator.
    4. harvinfan
      What part of Fresno are you from, are u a alum of UF? I don't hear about Gators football fans in the central valley.
    5. Bad_Gas
      Hey Fresno,

      Were you by chance at The Magic Kingdom this weekend? I was at the Crystal Palace, and thought I might have seen you or someone looking like you.
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