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Florida Gators Basketball: Color me Orange, Blue and Bitter!

The Florida Basketball team will face bitter Roy Williams on Friday night in the Bahamas.

Florida Gators In The NBA: Alums Face Off

Chandler Parsons' mistaken identity at Starbucks headlines this week's Gators In The NBA.

Florida Gators In The NBA: Multiple Gators Shine

Former Gators Horford, Noah and Parsons play well, and Beal is featured in a commercial.

PD’s Postulations: Chasing immortality

The Gators and Billy Donovan are chasing basketball immortality.

Why are there no one-and-dones?

Florida isn't a huge player on the one-and-done market in college basketball, here's why.

The Mark Miller Report: Rambling from Chicago

Mark Miller reports this week from Chicago where all things are very cold.

One-year plan still works for Billy D

When he arrived at the University of Florida, just a few years removed from an All-American senior year at Providence where he took the...