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Too Hot Rules

Discussion in 'GatorNana's Too Hot for Swamp Gas' started by GatorGrowl, Mar 11, 2019.

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  1. GatorGrowl

    GatorGrowl Forum Admin Moderator VIP Member GC Staff

    Jan 19, 2012
    Paris, TN
    The general forum rules are on top of the rules pertaining just to this forum

    These are from the mods and admins.

    The Golden Rule of Posting
    The Golden Rule
    "Post unto others, as you would have them post unto you"... In other words, think about what you are saying and what you have typed before hitting the Enter Key.

    Be respectful of your fellow members!

    A. Code of Conduct
    Flaming, harassing, insulting, or threatening a coach, player, or another member is not allowed nor will it be tolerated.

    B. Profanity is not permitted, everybody slips once in a while... The occasional "hell", "damn", "ass" “shit” etc... are fine, just not every other word of each post. The F word, even with symbols "F#%*" is never permitted. G.D. is not permitted. WTF is allowed as the F could be what Frig, but on the other hand MILF is not allowed, as the F is always the F bomb.

    C.The following subjects will not be tolerated as topics for conversation in the free or premium sports forums:
    Sexual Orientation

    These topics are reserved for Too Hot for Swamp Gas.

    D. Spamming is not allowed.

    E. Posting of links to Pornographic sites is not permitted. Posting of pornographic or overtly sexual images is not acceptable.

    F. Arguing your point with a moderator or refusing to do, or stop doing something a Moderator has asked you about, will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with a Moderator, arguing with him or her on the forum is not a smart move. Send a PM to one of the site administrators.

    G. Screen names, avatars, links of an offensive or suggestive nature will not be tolerated and may be
    removed at Administrators discretion.

    H. Posting of personal information (i.e., phone numbers, addresses, employment) within topics is not allowed.

    I. Copyrighted material or copying non-copyright material
    When posting an article and link to a news source, keep in mind the following:
    If the article has more than 8 paragraphs then post 4 paragraphs

    If the article has less than 8 paragraphs then post 3 paragraphs
    If the article is 6-7 paragraphs then post 3 paragraphs
    If the article is 3-5 paragraphs then post 2 paragraphs.
    You may link to an article on a rival Gators site, that would be 247, Scout, Rivals and others that may start up.

    J. Rumors should not posted about a Gator player or coach.

    K. Moderators and admins are not to be blocked or placed on your "ignore" list.

    L. Someone giving out multiple negative ratings without an explanation, or giving multiple negative ratings to the same poster over multiple posts is prohibited. Posters with little posting history may NOT leave negative ratings without providing an explanation. Moderators or Administrators of the forums will determine if the poster's history is enough so that the poster may give negative ratings.

    M. Bumping threads for sole purpose of getting them BTTT (back to the top) is not allowed.

    Section II
    Too Hot for Swamp Gas Rules

    Too Hot is public, open to all individuals of all political persuasions, dedicated to the discussion of politics in general. People from all walks of life are welcome to join the discussions in the tradition of vigorous respectful debate. The purpose of this forum's rules and guidelines is to help create an environment that is inviting to as wide a spectrum of people as possible from all, but that does not restrict the ability of users to express their political views, even if those views are controversial or unorthodox. In a world often filled with intense political turmoil and polarization of beliefs, Too Hot attempts to bring opposites together to relate their views and learn from one another.


    Personal attacks and insults are not tolerated here. When replying to a post, your own post must be about the post to which you are replying, not the poster themselves. Any personal remark about another poster that - in the judgment of a moderator or administrator - could reasonably be regarded as an intentional insult in the context of that discussion will be subject to infraction. Please also keep in mind that simply saying something that's not very nice is not necessarily an insult, nor does the fact that you are offended necessarily mean that you have been insulted.

    The rules regarding personal attacks extend not only to individual posters, or specific people but to groups as well. For example, calling Democrats or Republicans idiots is the same as calling every Democrat or Republican on the board an idiot, and will not be tolerated. A certain amount of latitude may be granted in discussing the policies and the practices of a political party or other political organization, but posters should be advised that this is thin ice, and be cautious about making remarks that personally insult the members of such parties or organizations. And again, simply saying, "I hate Republicans" does not constitute an attack or an insult against Republicans. "I hate Democrats because they are corrupt" is an attack, because it is attacking the character of all Democrats. Insults will not be directed at anyone or any group.

    If you don't want to discuss the topic, stay out of the thread. Posts that are, in the judgment of moderators or administrators, intended to disrupt a discussion rather than actually contribute to it will be considered trolling.


    Posts or images that, in the judgment of a moderator or administrator, are specifically intended to provoke emotional responses or personal attacks from other posters, rather than civil discussion, will be considered flamebaiting.
    Use a meaningful title for your thread.


    Any post that expresses a direct, indirect, or veiled threat to anyone - whether it be another member, some other individual, or a group in general - or an incitement to violence will be dealt with severely, and may result in an immediate permanent banning. This includes (but is not limited to) what are known as "indirect threats," such as (for example) wishing that public officials or police officers come to harm, or expressing a desire for armed insurrection against the government.

    E. Changing a quote

    When quoting someone you are not permitted to change the quote that is within the quote box. By changing it, you are changing the intent of the OP and giving it a meaning that the OP did not intend.

    F. Do not use threads for private discussions. Please use our conversation (Private message) system.

    G. If you have a question for a moderator or administrator please send it to them in a private conversation.

    We are pretty good at spotting insults, as are our readers. If you intend to insult someone through your words or attitude toward them, we will figure it out.

    H. Race threads are not allowed on Too Hot unless it is a story that is being covered in the “mainstream media”. That would be by “ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, National Radio (not Limbaugh, Stern or other shock jocks or political commentators (unless appearing on MSM))

    This would also apply to nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, LEOs and widely accepted professional and social organizations.

    I. Rumors: Posts that are not supported by mainstream news source will not be allowed. If what you say is accurate it will show up one of the mainstream sites within days if not minutes. If asked by a mod to provide a link and one is not provided within 90 minute time frame, the post will be deleted.

    Sr. Administarator: GatorGrowl
    Administrators: GatorNana, UncleNunzio, OklahomaGator
    Too Hot Moderators: Tilly, Oaktown, Rivergator, GatorNavy, Hallgator
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  2. OklahomaGator

    OklahomaGator Jedi Administrator Moderator VIP Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Too Hot Posters

    We will continue our no insults policy, but we will add some penalties to the rule.

    If you insult a member, person or a group you will be thread banned for 3 days. You should receive a notification letting you know the post that caused the ban.

    A thread ban means you cannot be a part of that thread, but it will not affect you in the other threads if you have not been banned in those.

    Insults have gotten better, but some are throwing out insults for differences of opinion.

    Excessive "drive-by" negative ratings could result in a loss of rating privileges.
  3. OklahomaGator

    OklahomaGator Jedi Administrator Moderator VIP Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    With the recent events and the lack of Gator Sports (other than recruiting which seems to be somewhat hopping right now) this forum is very busy with a lot of new faces.

    I would suggest reading the rules pinned at the top of the forum but if you have a question about anything please pm one of the mods of the forum. They are:

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