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Thread approval.

Discussion in 'RayGator's Swamp Gas' started by thekentuckygator, Feb 7, 2020.

Should all new threads require mod approval?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Yes, but only for football related forums. Example, not Cookshack

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  1. Pasco08

    Pasco08 GC Legend

    Sep 5, 2013
    Dade City FL
    I feel like I missed something to even warrant this thread?

    (Was in a fairly bad car wreck so I have been MIA for a bit)

    I don't like having to have posts approved before posting? I mean what happens if one mod approves something he or she doesn't think is an issue and another mod deletes it because they do? Seems like it would create more problems then it solves.
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  2. WhattaGator

    WhattaGator "Where's The Beef"?? (Or the crabcakes, etc.)... VIP Member "Cook Shack Chef"

    If you were a Mod....
    You sure as heck wouldn't want to have to approve (or deny) EVERY new thread that's created here....
    My God!!....we have our hands full already!!...plus...
    Gator Coumtry has already established itself as a great site, with about 98% of our "population" being very civil, very informative, and overall, great contributors..

    Us Moderators have to spend time, around the clock, weeding out some who posters would never see...<spammers, trolls, late-night "drive-bys", etc>.....and, adding the more "massive" task of requiring any of us to decide if a thread would have merit, would be an unneccesary task, considering that the vast majority of our posters are great Gators, and even some very civil rivals...(not to mention that if that said thread not only didn't have any "merit", but was one of the abovementioned "spammers, trolls, etc."...it would have already felt the wrath of......


    Do ya' STILL want the "job"?????? :):):D
  3. malscott

    malscott Premium Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    West Hills, Ca
    Heal up, hope you recover completely. Physically and financially. :)

    As far as this thread...

    by the power vested in me...(Oh, that's right, I'm powerless) I guess the general consensus is that over-governing is a bad idea. Just saying...
    But four pages ago I know it seemed to be a better idea. I stuck a fork in a receptacle once as a child. That fearless action taught me a valuable lesson. I guess we both share the shock.:eek:;)

    Go Gators.:)
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  4. WhattaGator

    WhattaGator "Where's The Beef"?? (Or the crabcakes, etc.)... VIP Member "Cook Shack Chef"

    Although I never tried that "fork in the socket" thingie....
    For some reason or the other...(usually the other, in my younger days).....
    Hospitals and I seem to have some sort of love/hate relationship......

    They saved my life in '75, when I was forced off a back-mountain road in the Catskills, and went head-on into a tree...(I broke every bone in my face except fr my nose and lower jaw)...had to walk over 1/2 mile to find a house then passed out....
    I always got clean bills of health on my checkups....but, in '88,(at the ripe old age of 32)...My lung spontaneously decided to collapse...:eek:...( the doctor asked me if I was goiing through anything "stressful"....HA! I told him; "Yeah, I'm going through a nasty divorce."...
    He told me that I had a choice...to decide if that divorce was really worth risking my life...so....
    I called my attorney, and said..."Just get me the <bleep> out of here"...and ended up pretty much walking away from a $450,000 house ( in '88)..and over $250,000 in savings and investments....( I figured that I could always get back to my parent's house, where I still thought I had my Mets baseball, signed by the '69 "Miracle Mets", that my Dad, (a stand-up comedian) had gotten me years ago...and had 4 shoeboxes full of Topps baseball cards from the late 50's-mid 60's... (Can you say "Roberto Clement, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris"???)....

    Well.... my folk's house was burglarized, and the ball was gone.....BUT... The REAL kick in the groin????...
    When I asked my Mother where my baseball cards, (as well as issue #1 of National Lampoon, 60's Superman, Batman, etc. comics) were.....se noncholantly replied...: Oh... I sold the whole buch of boxes to some guy for $25!!!! :eek::mad::mad:...
    You could probably imagine that I thought my lung was gonna collapse right then again!!!
    Sevreral more surgeries on this leg and ankle that nobody can seem t fix...along with the ailments of aging...(nothing like a good bout of pancreatitis to keep one on one's back)...and..

    It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!!:D:)
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  5. Skink

    Skink GC Hall of Fame

    The stories some of us can tell....
    you never know what some of us have been through.....
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  6. vaxcardinal

    vaxcardinal GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 8, 2007
    I know someone that would be happy with giving approval for thread titles
  7. leftcoastgator

    leftcoastgator Ambivalent Zealot Premium Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Sonoma, CA
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  8. WhattaGator

    WhattaGator "Where's The Beef"?? (Or the crabcakes, etc.)... VIP Member "Cook Shack Chef"

    There's quite a bit more than what I listed there.......
    I just didn't want to write the complete book here. ;)
  9. gatordavisl

    gatordavisl VIP Member

    Apr 8, 2007
    northern MN
    Welcome back Pasco and I hope all is well with your recovery.
  10. Gator72211

    Gator72211 GC Hall of Fame

    Jun 10, 2015
    If this thread required mod approval it would have never seen the light of day.
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  11. malscott

    malscott Premium Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    West Hills, Ca

    note to self...avoid trees while driving. Seeing I'm back in the mountains...avoid trees while skiing too. Don't need no Sonny Bono action. Yeah, the fact I made it this far is a good thing. Some of the memories make me shudder. Yikes is right.:eek:

    Go Gators;)
  12. 95Gator

    95Gator GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 9, 2007
    Studio City, CA
    According to your poll, you are in a TINY minority.
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  13. WhattaGator

    WhattaGator "Where's The Beef"?? (Or the crabcakes, etc.)... VIP Member "Cook Shack Chef"

    You might go back and read what I had to add in that post.
  14. WhattaGator

    WhattaGator "Where's The Beef"?? (Or the crabcakes, etc.)... VIP Member "Cook Shack Chef"

    As I just posted to @Skink....

    Go back and re-read my edited post......
    It'll REALLY get ya'! :mad::)
  15. gatordee

    gatordee GC Hall of Fame

    Oct 17, 2007
    If it's not broke, don't fix it
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  16. gator7_5

    gator7_5 GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 9, 2007
    Go back to Russia.
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  17. Gator_druid

    Gator_druid All American

    Oct 20, 2014
    Charlotte, NC
    My name is Gator_druid and I approve this message.
  18. Skink

    Skink GC Hall of Fame

    That’s one crazy story. That kind of stuff could leave you a bit jaded
  19. GatorNavy

    GatorNavy Anchors Aweigh Moderator VIP Member

    Apr 9, 2007
    Space Coast
    Post away. Threads and posts that fail the sniff test will be dealt with as they always are.

    Happy posting, fellow Gators.
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  20. malscott

    malscott Premium Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    West Hills, Ca

    The accident now seems like the minor part, the rest is painful. The house, the money, the BASEBALL, the CARDS...
    Can't make this stuff up...
    Mikey Mantle?

    Oh well...

    Go Gators