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This was just hideous

Discussion in 'Nuttin' but Net' started by akaGatorhoops, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. gatorbogey

    gatorbogey GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 3, 2007
    s. e. florida
    In defense: really is a “new” team, lots of new faces as the roster was overhauled. So, players “in the system” are at year 2 or one. Similar issue BD experienced after the ‘04’s departed en masse.
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  2. akaGatorhoops

    akaGatorhoops GC Columnist VIP Member

    Apr 10, 2007
    Yeah... there was a three year span during which we had some impressive names on the roster, but either didn’t make the tourney or bowed out in the opening round.
    Calathes, Parsons, Speights, Macklin, Tyus, Erv, Boynton were all part of some early struggles.
    And we had some really high profile recruits that whiffed, either due to injury or skill set... Vargas, Shipman, Adam Allen, Jonathan Mitchell, Jai Lucas, Kenny Kadji.
    It’s was a weird and frustrating stretch for sure, but we followed it with a tear of elite 8 runs.
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  3. toddrl

    toddrl GC Hall of Fame

    Jan 22, 2019
    Why is this a new team though? Mainly due to recruits White recruited who didn't pan out. That's certainly on the players some but a lot on White. We lost the entire 17 class. If we still have culture issues in year 5 that falls solely on White. Period
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  4. wci347

    wci347 GC Hall of Fame

    Did he get it done last season, the season before that and so on and so on and so on!
  5. Gatorbait33

    Gatorbait33 Senior

    Apr 1, 2012
    We were 20-16 last season. On no planet do I consider that getting it done. Gave White a partial pass because we have had some serious unlucky big injuries, but those problems are gone and new ones have surfaced.
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  6. GatorLurker

    GatorLurker GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 8, 2007
    I was so upset that I turned the game off at halftime and spent the next hour of so replacing a 58 year old cast iron bathroom sink with a Hudee ring with a new one, also with a Hudee ring, and with a new faucet and p-trap. I was already in a swearing mode so I was primed for the job.

    If you follow the Bob Villa internet advice on removing the old sink there is a decent probability of having a 50 pound sink falling on your face. Removing all the clips from below without securing the sink in place is just stupid.
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  7. wci347

    wci347 GC Hall of Fame

    A coach cannot possibly be that unlucky! 4 or 5 recruiting classes after a hall of fame coach leaves and not one person drafted into the NBA!

    He has had four recruiting classes! Not including transfers, that has amounted to 11 players over the 4 recruiting classes not including this year (2019-2020). Five of the 11 have transferred out. That is a 45% transfer rate over the last 3 years. MW's first 2 recruiting class have an attrition rate of 63% with 5 of the 8 recruits those years transferring out. Those are absolutely insane numbers. Defense is the only thing you can really develop when you have such a high turnover rate of players. Defense is fundamental. Offense is creative, but if you are continuously changing your brushes, your canvasses and your paint, it is almost hard to create a masterpiece.

    The transfer portal has blunted the impact of these alarming statistics, but one has to question why a coach and his staff cannot form any continuity with player personnel.

    Furthermore comparing our program to FSU's over the same period of time based upon ESPN's recruiting ranking (and using a non top 25 ranking as a 40 ranking for either team to avoid aberration), FSU has an average recruiting ranking during the MW era of 18 and we have a ranking of 24. That number is inconsequential in my opinion especially taking under consideration the transfers that have come in that have shined which FSU has not had the benefit of. We are losing to FSU not because of being out talented. We are losing to FSU you because of poor coaching.

    This insignificant discrepancy in recruiting with a team that has dominated us throughout the MW tenure but has not gotten transfer talent that we got, coupled with the shocking attrition rate, points to issues in coaching. I hope the Athletic Director is taking this under consideration because quite frankly it is INEXCUSABLE when FSU has won absolutely nothing and has not even come close winning anything and yet is considered now because of the MW era a more respectable program than ours. It is very sad!!!!

    But you look at Tennessee, Auburn, LSU, in conference and a host of out of conference teams that have not come close to winning championships in the past two decades whose programs have become preferred landing spots of top talent than a program that just a little more than a decade ago won back to back championships.

    How much longer are we going to be patient. If MW does not turn the page this year and get these players to perform up to their potential, I believe serious thought must be given to his future at Florida.
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  8. wci347

    wci347 GC Hall of Fame

    a much better utilization of your time in my opinion. The team is barely watchable not because they are not good, but because they are playing so far below their potential- almost in a depressed state.
  9. akaGatorhoops

    akaGatorhoops GC Columnist VIP Member

    Apr 10, 2007
    You have enough ammunition to bang White that you probably shouldn’t resort to lauding the recruiting “successes” of Will Wade and Bruce Pearl.
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  10. diamondted13

    diamondted13 GC Hall of Fame

    Jan 1, 2008
    While I am extremely frustrated and disappointed with our coach right now, I'm not going to knock him much for recruiting. I have every reason to believe that his recruiting is all on the up and up. He is at such a disadvantage on the recruiting trail playing it straight. Although I am starting to question the type of players he does recruit if his preference is for a slow, methodical halfcourt style.
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  11. jeffphillips21

    jeffphillips21 GC Hall of Fame

    Jun 20, 2009
    True. Also don't forget that Billy had some years before the '04s where many questioned his ability to consistently get out of the 1st weekend, and wondered if '00 was an aberration.
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  12. wci347

    wci347 GC Hall of Fame

    A lot of us have gotten beaten up by the board because of our criticism of MW. My chief criticism was that he was fixated on bringing in 6'4"-6'7" players, and had too many players therefore playing out of position on defense- doing a good job at it- but having to exert so much energy on the defensive end that offensively there just wasn't much left in the tank.

    The problem with lack of height has been minimized with Payne, Jitoboh and Blacksheer (Gak and Bassett) which give us with Gak healthy, 5 players 6'8" or taller.

    But now I am seeing that it is player utilization that is the problem and not team height.

    I find it impossible to believe that the team is having practices that result in certain combinations being placed out on the floor but then when they are in real games, they simply do not pan out. I find it hard to believe that film of the successful teams at Florida are not being drilled into these players' heads- some of whom are still playing in the NBA- showing the younger players what intensity, concentration, team work and sacrifices are all about.

    I have never seen so many plays attempted to be executed that have resulted in a stolen pass or an easily blocked shot by our opponent. I have never seen a season those last year was close, where we just cannot put together back to back 3s more than perhaps once or twice a game. It has gotten to the point with program that once had a DEADLY 3 point reputation, that a 3 is a pleasant surprise as opposed to a luxury bucket. This is non acceptable.
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  13. FatherGoat

    FatherGoat GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 18, 2007
    I'd like to hear from the players. Maybe I've missed it but I haven't heard any of them stepping up to back their coaches. That's a bad sign.
  14. akaGatorhoops

    akaGatorhoops GC Columnist VIP Member

    Apr 10, 2007
    You are rarely going to hear players address or respond to fan chatter.
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  15. wa_gatorfan

    wa_gatorfan Sophomore

    Oct 3, 2019
    Offensively stagnant. Putting their low post guy at the elbow and attempting to "run" their offense through that elbow is a bit mystifying. KB is their best offensive player but he is on an island handing the ball off to guards who don't know exactly what to do with it when the scheme has them moving into a space where they can't do anything with the ball but pass. Every offensive player who only has one option with the ball is terribly easy to guard.
    Is there a "get KB ready for the NBA" influence here? I can see how a 6-10 inside powerhouse would chafe at being asked to sit in the post in 2019 and score on dudes with his back to the basket.
    The guards seem to lack confidence and consistency in their jump shots and that further complicates things. Additionally there seems to be a lack of space to attack closeouts -- especially when closeouts are short because the defense does not respect the jump shot of the guards being closed on.
    For it being a "dribble drive" offense it looks like a lot more of "dribble stand" or "dribble lateral" offense. You have to have at least one guy that can consistently get to the paint off the deck for a dribble based offense to get flowing. When it isn't flowing, it looks like....well, this.

    My preference? More motion, more screening and cutting off the ball, play two bigs in a Villanova type offense that still wants the ball inside first. But that's just me.
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  16. vaxcardinal

    vaxcardinal GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 8, 2007
    i'm guessing neither the players or coaches are on this board reading the ridiculous comments....or any comments for that matter.
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  17. bullish

    bullish GC Hall of Fame

    Nov 14, 2010
    No they probably aren’t. They are standing in their spot asking the ball boys to throw them a ball, so they can chuck and heave. LOL
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  18. 33hoop

    33hoop GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 8, 2007
    Lexington, KY
    It would probably do the coaching staff some good if they read the comments. It might give them a clue that the offense needs fixing.
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  19. Distant Gator

    Distant Gator GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 9, 2007
    Upstate, SC
    I agree it was bad but also...

    we have a very young team, on the road, early in the season, playing against a pretty good opponent.

    Other criticisms are fair though. (Blackshear launching multiple 3s?)
  20. diamondted13

    diamondted13 GC Hall of Fame

    Jan 1, 2008
    I would normally scoff at this comment. But hearing White say it was our best offensive game (paraphrasing) is shocking. Let's hope it was just a line for the media that belies his actual feelings. If he really feels there was progress on the offensive end on Saturday, we are doomed.
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