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Miami Hurricanes feel ready to turn around recent baseball history against Florida (Sun Sentinel)

Discussion in 'Diamond Gators' started by gatorjjh, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. gatorjjh

    gatorjjh A Gator with a Glass half full attitude Moderator VIP Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Irvine, Fl
    In battle of 1 vs. 2, Miami Hurricanes feel ready to turn around recent baseball history against Florida
    By David Furones South Florida Sun Sentinel
    The flurry of messages began on Monday morning for Miami Hurricanes baseball coach Gino DiMare when it was first released that, in one of college baseball’s polls, UM had risen to No. 1 and the Florida Gators were No. 2.

    It meant, at least according to the D1 Baseball rankings, Miami and Florida are meeting as the top two teams in the country when they get together for their annual early-season series. All three games have already been announced as sold out, according to UM, leaving fans to go to the secondary market to get into Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field Friday night through Sunday afternoon.

    “Everybody’s very excited,” DiMare said. “It’s just my second year as a head coach, but by far it’s the most that I’ve been hit with phone calls, ‘good lucks,’ tickets — that seems to be the popular thing. It’s amazing how many people are excited about the series.”

    UM (4-0) enters trying to turn around its recent history against the Gators.

    Since sweeping Florida in the 2009 regular season, Miami has lost 30 of its last 38 meetings with UF, including all eight postseason pairings. The last time the Hurricanes won a series against the Gators was 2014, taking two of three then.

    In battle of 1 vs. 2, Miami Hurricanes feel ready to turn around recent baseball history against Florida
  2. 74nole

    74nole GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 9, 2007
    Marianna, Fl

    It’s good to know that they feel this way—:devil:
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  3. SeabudGator

    SeabudGator GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 23, 2014
    How is that working out for them?
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  4. eastowest

    eastowest GC Hall of Fame

    May 13, 2007
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  5. gtj31

    gtj31 GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 8, 2007
    London, United Kingdom
    Well, Miami’s last series victory against UF was in Coral Gables. So they have that going for them, which is nice.

    They of course have lost the last 3 series in “their house” and 5 of the last 6 against the Gators.
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  6. TVnGators

    TVnGators VIP Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Uh. ok. Never mind. But wait till next year:)
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  7. BrianUF5220

    BrianUF5220 Senior

    Feb 2, 2015
    Ft Lauderdale, FL
    i feel this turning around.
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  8. GatorLurker

    GatorLurker VIP Member

    Apr 8, 2007
    If this is what turning it around is I hope they continue to do it.
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  9. Swamp_of_Gators

    Swamp_of_Gators GC Hall of Fame

    Well, technically they weren't wrong. They turned around the most recent history, which was last year, where they DIDN'T get swept. So good for them for fixing that for us!
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  10. HappyBayou

    HappyBayou Premium Member

    Sep 26, 2015
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