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Matt Hayes at SDS weighs in on CBN

Discussion in 'Awesome Recruiting' started by gatormagic, Dec 12, 2023.

  1. Wanne15

    Wanne15 GC Hall of Fame

    Jan 18, 2015
    Only one bitch among the top three
  2. stabnburn23

    stabnburn23 GC Legend

    Mar 29, 2022
    The people bitching the loudest about wanting Napier gone also bitch pretty loud about the buyout. It's almost like they don't understand the correlation between having a history of firing coaches after 3 years and coaches demanding huge buyouts in case they are fired after 3 years.
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  3. freedomgator

    freedomgator GC Hall of Fame

    Mar 26, 2017
    That article was trash doodoo, remind me not to click on any more Matt Hayes content
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  4. fox

    fox GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 3, 2007
    Florida Beachland
    Fans treat hack writers and podcasters as authorities when they know less than half of the posters on this forum.
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  5. thom1507

    thom1507 All American

    Oct 13, 2019
    Agreed. Pretty lame. In case he hasn't noticed, all the coaches are having kids go to the portal or at least test the waters. No coach is immune.

    Princely is certainly a loss but I also figured he'd be declaring this year anyway. He is primed to have a very good '24 IMO.

    As far as ETN not getting his touches, well, he was banged up mid-season and I guess Hayes didn't realize he got hurt in the FSU game. I don't think ETN is durable enough for 20+ carries a game except on rare occasions. I also think the lack of effort in pass blocking limited his plays. The coaches can't ignore that.

    The fact that Mertz is coming back >>>> losing ETN. '24 will be a key year for Napier and having an experienced qb back with a year in the offense is big for him.
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  6. phatGator

    phatGator GC Hall of Fame

    Dec 3, 2007
    Dayton, Ohio
    How can someone give you off-topic for this? This whole thread and so many others are full of fear and loathing regarding things over which they have no control. You give sage advice here directly relevant.
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  7. LS1

    LS1 All American

    Sep 9, 2015
    Hilliard, OH
    Matt Hayes is a clown. I never heard of the guy until now, but I've read enough from this "article" to determine that he's an absolute moron......

    That "some reason" is because Etienne can't pass block, and they have another RB who is just as good (Montrell Johnson) who can do EVERYTHING well. So, is "13.8 touches" really that low, all things considered? Also, I would argue that the most dynamic player on offense is actually Eugene Wilson.

    Then, clownboy Hayes talks about Mizzou's RB Schrader, using numbers without context. Oh, that pesky context!!

    Look at the facts. Schrader was the focal point of their offense, their best player, and by far their best RB. And, oh yeah, he could actually pass block! Nothing like a little bit of logic to ruin a narrative.

    Honestly, I quit reading at his second "point" because it's just asinine. The decision to keep Napier? LOL. Like there was some roundtable discussion from the powers that be. Come on now.

    Clearly Matt Hayes is not a real journalist, and I feel sorry for anyone who is foolish enough to actually agree with the BS he's spouting.
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  8. EbSaxman

    EbSaxman GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 14, 2007
    “In the 2 games with his most touches (LSU and Missouri), Etienne had 223 total yards and 5 TDs (6.19 yards per touch).”

    We also lost those games and our quarterback was sacked multiple times because the running back getting the most carries can’t or won’t block. Cuts both ways. I’m on Napier’s side on this one.
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  9. Tito22

    Tito22 GC Hall of Fame

    May 13, 2007
    Dike is a layup. Let him take his visits. If he doesn't commit here, sound the alarm bells.
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  10. duggers_dad

    duggers_dad GC Hall of Fame

    Jan 5, 2022
    That’s about as dark an assessment as I’ve read.

    On the other hand, were Gator fans really going after TE’s mom ? I somehow doubt it.
  11. Crusher

    Crusher GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 19, 2007
    Matt is a moron and always has been going back to his days up in Jax and down in Orlando. It makes me sad that he is a Gator grad and UF can produce such poor journalists. You can probably put him in the same bucket as little Mikey Bianchi who never misses an opportunity to post some garbage clickbait article.
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  12. WC53

    WC53 GC Hall of Fame

    Oct 17, 2015
    Old City
    Spread it out, quick reads and passes. Stop the turning your back Pa, I mean it worked well last year too. Give ETN the ball. Sounded simple last year. I blame the new OC
  13. tegator80

    tegator80 GC Hall of Fame

    May 29, 2007
    Richmond, VA
    Sorry for the tangent (sort of). There really isn't any journalism anymore because those jobs are local and going away. What we have are "expert" commentaryists. And as we should all know from our "local" clickbaiter, that bald midget who shall remain nameless, if it don't sizzle it don't get read. It is what it is.

    What I find so absurd, and no one calls anyone on it, is they try to use "facts" to support their assertions. What gets missed is not that they use "facts" but rather they use them with an agenda. What I mean is they use other words to paint a picture of the "facts". My attempt at an example:

    Commentator: "The player only accrued a measly 20 sacks in his entire college career."

    Alternative: "The player amassed an astounding 3 sacks per year average in his entire college career."

    So, what are the facts, that one player got 20 sacks and the other 12 in four years, or that one was "measly" while the other "astounding"? People just don't care anymore.
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  14. ShadowCat

    ShadowCat All American

    Jan 6, 2015
    SDS Is not much more than a blog site. They were based in Longwood and then after their buyout/merger/Corp rename they are based out of Windemere. Both cities are just minutes from Orlando... not really the mecca of journalism.

    They only really got their foot in the door when the "SEC Country" website shut down and fans were looking for places to read stuff.
  15. gooberpeas

    gooberpeas All American

    Jan 4, 2021
    So I guess you will be rooting for the Georgia bulldogs or the semi-holes.
  16. scooterp

    scooterp GC Hall of Fame

    Feb 15, 2012
    The title said Matt Hayes …and I knew how this was going to go down. He’s been beating the “fire Billy” drum soon after he got here. He’s a clickbait turd …nothing more.
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  17. DeepPurpleGator

    DeepPurpleGator GC Hall of Fame

    Jun 13, 2007
    I went to UF College of Journalism when Matt did and knew him a little. I don't really understand the timing of this article, right before ESD.
  18. SuperMOM

    SuperMOM GC Hall of Fame

    Jan 31, 2016
    Is he the jerk that said he would be there longer than Billy - on a hot mike?
  19. Crusher

    Crusher GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 19, 2007
    I get the questions about whether BN is the right coach at the right time for the Gators and the issues and warts he discusses are pretty glaring to anyone paying attention. The whole mischaracterization of Etienne is another thing entirely. He compared him to other dissimilar backs, ignored the fact that some of his lack of carries were due to injury, and failed to point out his limitations as a pass protector. Its never good when a talented player that still can be developed leaves a program, but Hayes blew Etienne's departure completely out of context.
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  20. duggers_dad

    duggers_dad GC Hall of Fame

    Jan 5, 2022
    Always scramble to find out who wrote the article before reading it.
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