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Is There a Way to....?

Discussion in 'Help Forum' started by proudgator1973, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. proudgator1973

    proudgator1973 Premium Member

    I'm not sure if I did something or if the site has changed.

    But I used to have a choice of seeing New Posts and Most Recent Posts in addition to New Profiles.

    Now I only see New Posts and New Profiles.

    I liked the old options because I could quickly toggle between the two and see what was generating a lot of posts but then also could do and look at the threads in the order in which they had been created so I wouldn't miss out on a worthwhile thread that was not generating a lot of posts.

    It seems like this went away right around the time of the Orange Bowl game.

    Does anybody have any ideas on whether this is something I can fix myself or is this just a structural change on the site and I've got to get used to the new format?
  2. GatorGrowl

    GatorGrowl Forum Admin Moderator VIP Member GC Staff

    Jan 19, 2012
    Paris, TN
    I think what has happened is that there is more data link added to top. I have to shrink my screen to 80% of the alerts and conversations to show up.

    If you do not see then if you hover over you avatar on the it will let you know about any PM or alerts.

    I am sorry if that is not what you were talking about, if not I will be on late tomorrow as well.