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Georgia 2020...

Discussion in 'Awesome Recruiting' started by cedarkey_gator1, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Joaqui

    Joaqui Junior

    Jul 17, 2016
    Im tired of losing to them. We need to beat them. Next year has to be the year. Veteran qb, veteran OL, vet rbs and up coming wr. Our defense is always stout.
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  2. wci347

    wci347 GC Hall of Fame

    That's because no one is negatively recruiting the program. They are 0-40 without Herschel Walker. It is that simple. They had one good run when the had a running back who arguably did not have head to head stats better than Emmitt Smith. But they did win back in the Eighties with Walker and haven't really come close since, except that game against Alabama. It has been downhill if you call what they have gone through downhill since that loss to Alabama. The top notch programs are going to show players who go to championship programs and what it means for the school, the individual while in school and his prospects for a pro career (especially 4 and 5 star which as you said Georgia seems to get whomever they want).

    By pointing out their inability to win the big one, which Clemson, Alabama, LSU, OSU, Auburn, FSU, Texas, Oklahoma and USC and Florida have one in the last 20 years, recruits will start looking at Georgia as the program that has great teams, but that can't win the big one. What's more, unlike these other programs that have won since 2000, UGA has gotten the lion's share of top recruits, and doesn't even have to recruit hard against other programs in state as schools like Florida, Alabama, Texas and Auburn.

    Since 2000 we have won 3 SEC Championships and UGA has won 3. The difference is that after having done so, we won 2 national championships and they won zero.
  3. BrianUF5220

    BrianUF5220 Senior

    Feb 2, 2015
    Palm City, FL
    I am not committing that we are going to win, but i do think we will be favored going into the game with them.

    We will have the better QB, better receivers, better defense, better kicker and better coach.

    Probably 1 point or so but i think we will be favored.
  4. shane4three

    shane4three GC Hall of Fame

    Dec 24, 2014
    Agree with you 100% Bobby. I don’t care what they lost, Who is hurt, or what we have coming back… They will be a very very tough opponent. Newman could surprise and with our passive defensive call he could have good numbers against us.Don’t sleep on Newman. Don’t get me wrong, with Elam and Wilson back I don’t see any reason why we would be playing a lot of zone but for some reason I’m pretty sure we know that we will be. Newman also has the ability to run pretty well. This game simply comes down to coaching and I am hoping that Dan and Todd win that battle as it is time!!!!!
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  5. shane4three

    shane4three GC Hall of Fame

    Dec 24, 2014
    game simply comes down to coaching. Last year Georgia won that battle. This year we hopefully win it. Big big game for Coach Mullen. I like that he always talks about taking a step forward and doing more the next year than you did the last period. next year for us to take a step forward, we simply have to beat Georgia. Nothing else really matters unless we happen to win every other game but at the same time at some point we will have to beat Georgia.
  6. gator_annarbor

    gator_annarbor Junior

    Nov 9, 2019
    And that has to start with defense! For a long time - even during the zook years, our D was better or comparable to that of the dawgs. Urban's only loss to the dawgs in 2007 happened when our D was bad (relative to his other teams and Uga that year). Mullen will win championships if he puts a top D on the field. I think he realizes it and hence the recruiting emphasis on that side of the ball. For the last 3 years, Uga has had the better Defensive players and stopped us. Simply put, we will beat them if Grantham is capable of stopping their offense. We will see....
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  7. fox

    fox GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 3, 2007
    Florida Beachland
    Our D has to improve at every position except Buck. And we need decent depth at most.