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Gators + UCF “Close” On 2-1 Scheduling Agreement

Discussion in 'RayGator's Swamp Gas' started by seaofred92, Jul 14, 2021.

  1. seaofred92

    seaofred92 Junior

    Nov 6, 2017

    The UCF Knights and the Florida Gators appear to be closing in on a deal that would put the two Sunshine State football programs on the same field.

    According to Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel, UCF and Florida are "apparently close" to signing a contract for a three-game series, with "two of the games being in Gainesville and one in Orlando." The deal is expected to be signed "within the next few days."

    The Knights would travel to Gainesville in 2024 and 2033, while the Knights will host the Gators in 2030 according to the report. The game in Orlando will be held on UCF's campus in the Bounce House per the report.
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  2. co_gator89

    co_gator89 GC Hall of Fame

    Oct 11, 2009
    Oh come on.
  3. KronoGator

    KronoGator GC Legend

    Apr 10, 2007
    Why? why give these whiners any exposure?

    If we're 2-1 someone from the little conferences why not Hawaii? :D
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  4. Gatorfred

    Gatorfred GC Hall of Fame

    Oct 15, 2012
    I will say I like the idea of playing a more competitive schedule or if a directional school is scheduled it should be from Florida as much as possible. But UF gains nothing out of going to Orlando. I often wonder why other power schools agreed to make these trips.
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  5. seaofred92

    seaofred92 Junior

    Nov 6, 2017
    I totally see your point but I believe there’s also some political “good will” that comes with being the primary brand university in a state with multiple FBS programs. It’s part of the reason why UNC is making return trips to places like App State, UNCC, and ECU, Penn State occasionally goes to Temple, Virginia Tech goes to ODU, etc. Theres large amounts of alumni for the school there, it is good from a state politic PR perspective, and you’d imagine theres a great chance of coming out with a win. Plus its a lot less taxing on the kids and much less costly than going to Utah or California for instance.
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  6. SewaneeGator

    SewaneeGator GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 8, 2007
    The cost. I know you're goofing with Hawaii in particular, but the cost to send the team that far, even once, is substantial. And Hawaii likely requires a fee commensurate with their travel as well (x2). And while going out to the west coast or the like is a lot less than crossing the ocean, I think we'll see more and more of the short distance regional cupcakes scheduled until (if) AD budgets recover.

    I fear whatever window that opened a couple of years ago that encouraged some cool and creative scheduling was just closed again by covid financial losses.
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  7. seaofred92

    seaofred92 Junior

    Nov 6, 2017
    Yup. And also if you’re going to play 4 non conference games a year you need to get butts in seats. Local games likely brings more fans. A game v FAU will likely be better attended than Charlotte or EWU. UCF and USF specifically will be good tests for UF against teams they should beat on a consistent basis before jumping into conference play.
  8. TJtheGator

    TJtheGator GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 3, 2007
    Orlando, FL
    The third game won’t happen. UCF will buy out after 2030 when we win in Orlando.
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  9. TrueGator

    TrueGator GC Hall of Fame

    Nov 11, 2014
    No desire to have this matchup after the way UCF has acted from the top all the way down to the fans. But, since it's apparently happening, I'm at least glad former UCF child AD White will now see what could have been if he wasn't such a prima donna about UCF deserving a home-and-home with UF. Betcha he tries to schedule one with UCF from TN now, though.
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  10. thatguy

    thatguy Moderator VIP Member

    Oct 2, 2020
    Tallahassee, FL
    The UCF Knights would travel to Gainesville in 2024 and 2033, while the Knights will host the Gators in 2030 according to the report. The game in Orlando will be held on UCF's campus in the Bounce House per the report.

    UCF has a ton of openings on its future non-conference football schedule. The Knights have at least two open slots in 2023, 2024, and 2025 according to FBS Schedules. UCF has no non-conference games scheduled for 2026 and only one for 2027.

    If the series between Florida and UCF does happen as expected, it wouldn't be the first time the two schools face each other. In 2006, Florida blew out UCF 42-0 in Gainesville. During the 1999 season, the Gators crushed the Knights winning 58-27 at home.

    Report: UCF Knights, Florida Gators 'close' to signing football series
  11. KronoGator

    KronoGator GC Legend

    Apr 10, 2007
    They did chicken out on a game the last time a series was scheduled.
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  12. unclerob

    unclerob Junior

    Aug 14, 2015
    I would like to play Miami, South Florida, and Central Florida in a 3 year rotation. The only thing worse than beating up on Cupcakes is losing to Georgia Southern.
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  13. up

    up GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 8, 2007
    Seems like they should play the Orlando game in their old stadium/Citrus bowl/Camping World. I believe it has around 20k more seats.
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  14. garettk

    garettk GC Hall of Fame

    Oct 3, 2008
    We’ve all pined for the opportunity to shut them up. Here it is.
  15. partdopy

    partdopy All American

    Feb 1, 2012
    Wonderful to see it happen after Danny White left. He's going to fail at UT after his nationwide coaching search miraculously revealed his previous coach was the best available. Who would have guessed the best coach was under his nose the whole time.

    Gotta love it for him.
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  16. Matherly87

    Matherly87 GC Hall of Fame

    Oct 3, 2016
    Ocala, FL
    Since we are playing them at their place, maybe after the Gators win all the Gator fans that are there can hold up signs that say "We're going to Disney World after we actually win another Championship."
  17. KronoGator

    KronoGator GC Legend

    Apr 10, 2007
    Those 20K extra seats would be filled with Gator fans.
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  18. Brodeur

    Brodeur GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 24, 2007
    I expect UCF to still be solid in 2024 that's only a few years away. But 2030 is a long way off, plenty of time for UCF to fall off from their status as a top Group of 5 team. Nothing guarantees they'll continue to be as good as they have been.

    I always thought White was overplaying his hand demanding a home and home back then. All UF or any other power program had to do was wait a few years and boom, UCF is good but not the best in the AAC anymore (that's been Cincy the last two years).
  19. mkfgator

    mkfgator GC Legend

    Aug 28, 2019
    We should play them for no other reason than to shut them up and bring their daydreams back to reality.
  20. thekentuckygator

    thekentuckygator GC Legend

    Oct 8, 2018
    The game in Orlando will be 7on7?

    Also, we get 1000 seats. Which leaves them what? 18?
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