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For Anyone Looking to Visit Galaxy's Edge: A Geek's Review

Discussion in 'GatorTail Pub' started by PetrolGator, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. PetrolGator

    PetrolGator Chaotic Neutral Premium Member

    Dec 8, 2008
    New Orleans
    So, my wife surprised me with Savi’s Workshop and a Galaxy’s Edge birthday trip. Being a massive, and picky, Star Wars fanatic, I thought I’d post some thoughts.

    Park in general:

    It’s crazy immersive, with cast members refusing to break character and use “Earth” vernacular. The sets are beautiful, featuring translatable Aurebesh that actually has meaning. I cannot possibly gush enough about the starships, droids, and even smaller details on buildings themselves. It’s even more impressive at night. My only beef was with the sheer crowd size and wait times, but that’s Disney. Their rules on cosplay are also pretty harsh.

    Smuggler’s Run:

    The wait times here were +/- 120 minutes for most of the day. Either Fast Pass or wait until late-ish lunch to get on the ride. Piloting is crazy fun, though the other positions are decent.

    Rise of the Resistance:

    We didn’t get to go on this. The virtual line was full by SEVEN AM, due to people congregating at the park by five. Disney, for safety reasons, have to let them into the square, so these early folks basically soaked up all the spots. I sure it’ll calm down.

    Oga’s Cantina.

    What. An. Experience. Fun drinks. Immersive. Delicious bar food. We had an absolute blast. Make every effort to get a reservation and go.

    Savi’s Workshop

    Yes. It’s expensive. Yes, you may feel your “scrap” is limited, compared to other saber companies. Ignore that. Savi’s is an *experience* as much as it is a fancy souvenir.

    The saber: Heavy, solid, with a super cool kyber gimmick that’ll change the color and sound(s) of the lightsaber. The sound effects are loud, crisp, and better than the replicas offered at the park. I wish the “scrap” was made of turned aluminum, for weight, but the thing is just beautiful.

    Experience: The cast plays this up. To be honest, it was one of the most special Star Wars-related experiences I’ve ever had in my life. This, alone, was with the $200. Choosing your kyber crystal, in itself, was a magical experience. You’re told to focus on the color and choose from the bottom of the box that’s circled. I don’t think anyone got the wrong choice.

    Star Tours:

    This is an upgraded version of the Tomorrowland ride and a lot of fun. It definitely takes the TLJ/ROS timeslines liberally, though.


    Shockingly good. Eat here rather than anywhere else in Hollywood Studios.

    Overall? Highly recommended. From the souk-like market to the INSANE Falcon, you feel like you’re living in the Star Wars galaxy. I’m still buzzing about it a day later!
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  2. lwg8tr

    lwg8tr GC Legend

    I was at the one in Disneyland in California over Halloween last year and was underwhelmed. I will cut Disney some slack and say the park was a little "underdeveloped" with room for improvement. Was our first trip to West coast Mouse house and I liked it more that DW in Otown. Smaller, more quaint, more nostalgia and some of the rides were actually better. Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean way better at Disneyland. Also the park was not filled with sweaty rude sandal wearing tourists from the UK, China or New Jersey . Much more of a local SoCal crowd and had that vibe.
  3. buckeyegator

    buckeyegator Premium Member

    Oct 29, 2007
    gainesville, florida
    Went 2 weeks ago. Could not get quee space until 8am do not know why they let people do it before posted opening time
  4. jwalkergator

    jwalkergator Premium Member

    Apr 8, 2007
    Gulf Breeze
    Was there last week and thought it was ok. Smugglers Run was fun and my son rated it as his favorite ride at Disney.

    Was not able to get a boarding pass for Rise if Resistence because my wife was getting her bag checked at security and was not in the park yet. The kids and I went ahead and we were inside the gate when the boarding pass came available at 8am. Apparently your whole party has to be in the park to get in the queue which sux because my wife was not planning on going on Rise.