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Florida Gators vs Oral Roberts 2nd Round Mar 21 (Sun) 7:45 PM

Discussion in 'Nuttin' but Net' started by GatorGrowl, Mar 19, 2021.

  1. Bazza

    Bazza GC Hall of Fame

    Jan 2, 2009
    New Smyrna Beach
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  2. g8orbill

    g8orbill Old Gator Moderator

    Apr 3, 2007
    Clermont, Fl
    I think it will be a mistake to give MW one more year
  3. antny1

    antny1 GC Hall of Fame

    Dec 3, 2019

    These stats indicate a coaching issue outside of the KJ tragedy and covid hardships. When we played with what was left it was coaching decisions that sealed our fate, not the hardships. Granted losing kj probably limited our ceiling no matter what but then again poor coaching down the stretch could have undermined that regardless even if We had kj
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  4. the_alphagator1906

    the_alphagator1906 GC Legend

    Nov 26, 2013
    Yes you can by not slowing down the pace and the doing the opposite of what built an 11 point lead. I have been on here beating the drum about getting no calls our ways compared to ORU. However, I have also said that we as die hard Gator basketball fans know that it is human nature to root for the Cinderella school. The refs are human and will give them the benefit of the doubt. You overcome that by CRUSHING them. That is what Billy D learned after a while. That is when we became the Cinderella killer. You must CRUSH them and not let up.
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  5. wci347

    wci347 GC Hall of Fame

    You almost have to because of Reeves and the fact that with a healthy KJ, we probably win the SEC and are a 1 or 2 seed in the tournament. Johnson is that kind of difference maker. Don King was pretty much done after Mike Tyson. So in comes a heralded freshman who can literally do it all and should dominate the SEC. If White cannot take Castleton, Payne, Duruji, Reeves and Locke (if he can run the point or Glover), to the top of the SEC next year then he needs to resign. I am assuming that Mann is going to go pro and Lewis will probably transfer.
  6. wci347

    wci347 GC Hall of Fame

    Lesser schools like Oral Roberts and Virginia Tech that just kicked our behinds? All the VT game did was inspire ORU that we were ripe to be beaten Loyola of Chicago? Didn't we lose them also under Mike White? We've had a slew of bad losses to lower programs under his tenure. You can defend Mike White all you want. Okauru shot over 40% from 3 his freshman year and was consigned to the bench his sophomore year. MW does not know how to nurture talent. He has done extremely well with Mann and Johnson, but the track record for so many others is abysmal. Gak, Ballard, Stone, Bassett, Stokes, etc. etc. etc. He whiffed on all of them. I saw the talent in all of them but he could not generate it as a coach. When parents see top high school students go to a "top program" and become mediocre or non factors, they shy away from the program.

    When he took over the program, we were second to Kentucky in prominence in the SEC. Now we have Tennessee, Alabama, LSU, Missouri, South Carolina, and even Auburn who have all achieved more in his six years than Florida has. How is this possible? Would Kentucky ever allow that to happen? Are we on a self imposed probation which allows this abject complacency and mediocrity to flourish in Gainesville?? We are 0-6 against FSU 0 for MW in six years with him at the helm. Players out of Florida HS look t FSU as the team to play for rather than Florida if they stay in state. That is unacceptable. They have never even played in a Final Four and yet they are head and shoulders above us as a basketball program now. Next year is his last year if he doesn't turn this around. This is ridiculous.
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  7. 407king

    407king Premium Member

    Dec 8, 2018
    Lol, you went on that long rant for no reason. I agree with your overall point. Some of the details are questionable. But that has nothing to do with saying Jitoboh and Glover aren't SEC caliber players and were wasted scholarships.

    And nowhere did my post defend MW. Did you even see what I wrote?
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  8. Claygator

    Claygator GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 11, 2007
    Ehh.. up 11-3 is nothing for this team early in the game. We were up 12 in the second half on the Orals, and White found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    I don't know who out there is better than White, and am not aboard the fire White train. He deserves at least one more year. But it cannot be denied that his coaching decisions against the Orals were the reason for the loss. And they followed an all to familiar pattern.