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Changes are afoot...

Discussion in 'GC Hall of Fame' started by Solari, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. HawthorneGator

    HawthorneGator 'YEAR ROUND' GATOR VIP Member

    Jan 27, 2009
    Sorry i cursed a lil while ago.

    Even more sorry this not about coaching lol...
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  2. iowagator

    iowagator VIP Member

    I am glad to see this! It is way overdue! We keep hearing recruits and/or their families hang around boards like this. The image being presented of the Gator Nation has been less than flattering and has only gotten worse!

    And I agree--please hold everyone to the same standard!!
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  3. jewood592

    jewood592 VIP Member

    Jan 3, 2010
    Nunzio unleashed! Awe yea!!!!!! :)
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  4. kennystyle

    kennystyle VIP Member

    Sep 10, 2008

    my only hope is that if you you want to cuss or vent using **** are fine. We are adults and that Is certainly a compromise.
  5. lurkingator

    lurkingator Fount of Wisdom Premium Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Glad to see this, it's long overdue. And I love the Four Agreements and have tried to use them in my life.
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  6. ovillegator

    ovillegator Premium Member

    Jul 29, 2009
    St. Augustine!
    For the first time EVER, I turned the sound off the TV and listened to the radio broadcast -- which is a pain, because it was a full play ahead of TV EVERY DOWN. So I'd hear the play, then watch it, which was painful on the bad plays (and as you probably know, we had a LOT!!! :confused:)

    Tried the internet radio, and it was a play BEHIND the TV.

    Good grief!

    Still, Hubert a play ahead is better than that AWFUL SCRATCHY ABUSIVE VOICE of Beth whatever-her-name-is. Ugh.

    It all matched this whole season, which was totally dysfunctional in a manner I have never ever experienced before. Still in shock. How did it ever get to this.

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  7. runswithbulls

    runswithbulls Senior

    Apr 8, 2012
    Thank you. I very much appreciate the work you all do to make this an outstanding board for discussion and information. I deleted a thread earlier because I felt I was being attacked for having a different/unique opinion.

    Thank you for taking this action, it will make this a better place.

    Go gators!
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  8. Gatorbob76

    Gatorbob76 VIP Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Independence, MO
    Good move Ray, thank you!
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  9. UFsports24_7

    UFsports24_7 VIP Member

    Sep 21, 2016
    San Diego
    If we are being honest, this place is already the most "civil" and PC center of discussion regarding UF on the internet. I guess it's a good thing that steps are being taken to continue that.

    However, without naming names. I'd say there a few longtime "sunshine pumpers" here that peruse the boards finding people to lash out when they say something that is disagreeable. Those people, to me, are by far the most annoying members and take away from the quality of "discussion" boards. How can there be discussion when only a happy go lucky viewpoint is considered acceptable, especially when times aren't always happy go lucky?

    These boards are great but it seems to me that it is already extremely family friendly and the increase in moderation, will possibly make it a more boring place due to lack of real discussion and diversity of discussion.

    Just my two cents, and I will continue to be a member here and pay my dues because Nick and AS are great at what they do.
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  10. 67walkon

    67walkon VIP Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    The use of profanity is usually due to lack of education, imagination or both. The new rules are most excellent.

    Except can I still say certain coach sucked? Or should I say certain coaches have lacked a certain savoir faire?
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  11. solari

    solari GC Janitor VIP Member GC Staff

    Trust me, things were pretty awful the past few days and have been after losing games. Our moderators have been working overtime to keep things as clean as possible so you don't see what we see. Rather than making our moderators work even harder, I'd rather address the root causes and bring civility back as a whole here.

    Granted, it will take a bit of time as we find a proper balance, but rest assured it will not get boring here. It never does.

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  12. Gators244

    Gators244 Junior

    Jan 23, 2014
    100% spot on analysis. Just my opinion.
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  13. cooldaddybreeze

    cooldaddybreeze Premium Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Pensacola Beach
    Thank you sooooo much. I love this message board but the thing I hate the worst about this place are the folks that love to tear the insiders down when their information doesn't play out as expected. Then the insiders disappear.
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  14. TballGator05

    TballGator05 Premium Member

    Jun 2, 2007
    Belleview, Florida
    Ray thank you. Well said! And thank you
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  15. rrtrackman

    rrtrackman GC Hall of Fame

    Feb 2, 2015
    I dunno. There are some extremely large forums out there that are heavily moderated, yet have plentiful and diverse discussion. Although, they do have a rule that you shouldn't harp on your point ad nauseum. It's more of to share ideas and not there to try to change someone else's opinion.
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  16. nbe2b

    nbe2b Sophomore

    Dec 14, 2011
    Great. That eliminates about half of everybodys speech. Lol. Jk
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  17. kennystyle

    kennystyle VIP Member

    Sep 10, 2008

    Not that it really pertains to me that much but can we clarify the cussing aspect of it.

    I feel like your trying to stop people going after each other.

    So is this going to get me banned

    “ this irritated the **** out of me.
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  18. irgator12

    irgator12 Premium Member

    Oct 28, 2017
    West Palm Beach, FL
    Thanks Ray.
  19. solari

    solari GC Janitor VIP Member GC Staff

    Kenny, I know we're all adults here and I may be a prude nowadays, but there's got to be better ways to express opinions without needing to be profane. There's so many places where it is allowed and it would be nice to have an oasis where intelligent discussion is fostered.

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  20. UFsports24_7

    UFsports24_7 VIP Member

    Sep 21, 2016
    San Diego
    No doubt. However, I can think of someone that writes articles for this site that has on many many occasions attacked other posters for disagreeing with his viewpoint. Even going after a poster that brought great info to the recruiting boards, which resulted in said poster leaving this site. Therefore, lessening the quality of these boards. And I've never seen the aggressor of that situation become banned?
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