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Are these America’s most iconic restaurants

Discussion in 'GatorTail Pub' started by g8orbill, May 30, 2018.

  1. g8orbill

    g8orbill Old Gator VIP Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Clermont, Fl
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  2. OklahomaGator

    OklahomaGator Jedi Administrator Moderator VIP Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Miami, OK
    I've eaten in 4 of those, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma.
  3. WhattaGator

    WhattaGator All Along The Watchtower Moderator VIP Member

    I wish they would have taken the time to give a little more info on these places, but, when I used to travel, I did happen to come across a few of these places;
    'Bama: Big Bob Gibson Bar=B-Q... When they said fall off the bone ribs, they were right, and their Burnt Ends with their sauce was the Bomb!

    Washington, DC: Occidental Grill and Seafood. Thry had this Lobster and Scallops "En Croute, which is a serving-sized pot that they start their lobster tail and sea scallopss, along with their other ingredients, and a Pernod Buerre Blanc, put it all in the serving pot, then seal a piece of buttered puff pastry over the top of the serving pot THAT goes into the oven for a few minutes, until the puff pastry fully rises and becomes a tall, delicate crust, like a softball on top of this pot, When it gets to your table, the waiter takes a serving spoon and Cracks open the puff pastry ball, then takes a heartier, cheese based version of the buerre blanc and stirs it in, so you are hit with this aroma, and you have thr light, wispy puff pastry that will go with each bitel. Sorry, That was just SO good, I had to share, I'm on the search for, or going to duplicate that recipe!!

    Florida; Joe's Stone Crab IS terrific, but I'd have to say Bern's Steakhouse is not only more iconic, but the quality of the steaks, and the options of how thick, thin, wide, narrow, is just amazing! (Oh, yeah, that little scoop of those "candied" shredded carrots are to die for!

    Maryland; The Cracked Crab; Of course their main choices on their menu is fresh caught Blue Crab, Delivered every mornng by trappers right out of the traps!.... From Lump Backfin Crabmeat Cocktail, to Steamed Crab, (Mild or Hot), Garlic Crabs, AND, about the best Crabcakes you'll ever taste! They take their dry seasoning , mustard and mayo, and mix that together BEFORE adding Huge chunks of fresh backfin crabmeat, and GENTLY form the cakes, not to break up those huge chunks of crab, then pan-fry them to order., You get two huge Crab Cakes that are well seasoned and lightly cooked, with only the LEAST amout of binders to just hold it together.

    Massachusetts; There are far too many great and iconic places there to really name one, I like a place called Cityside in Fanieul Hall.... Superb P.E.I. Super large mussels, steamed in Olive oil, white wine, garlic, fresh basil, Old Bay, with some garlic bread (Oh, GOD!!). I usually ordered them as an appetizer (About 2 1/2-3 dozen!), And, if I was still crraving 'em, I'd just order Spaghetti and Mussels.( A giant oval plate teeming with shaghetti, AND about another 3 dozen mussels, (Yes, the plate was filled with them, but they brought you an extra bowlful so you wouldn't run out!)

    Missouri; In K.C, well, the whole area, it's Barbeque. For myself, my travellin' partner and his wife, the Barbeque is "Jack Stax"
    One of the oldest Barbeque joints started in KC, , I pefer their Brisket, which they smoke for at least 18 hours!, and some great burnt ends. (talk about "melt in your mouth")

    New Hampshire; How much more iconic is the Mt. Washington Hotel? At the foot of Mt. Washington, with a wraparound porch.Their Dining Room features traditional fare, local caught trout, great steaks, etc...BUT, you can also order Bison, Elk, Bear, Moose, Rabbit and Pheasant, all impeccably cooked. Exit the dining room very satisfied, to the soothing sounds of a String Quartet

    New Jersey; The Manor, This establishmenti is a five-diamond place., when you pull up to the door for valet parking, there is a person at EVERY door of your car, welcoming you As you approach the doors, and a member of your party puts a cigarette out in one of their old-style sand-filled cement ashtrays, if you look bsck, sfter a doorman at each entrance door welcomes you inside, you'll see onf of the doormen grab a kitty litter scoop, to immediately clear the ashtray, he then uses a small rake to groom the sand, then grabs what looks like a shorened cast-iron fireplace poker, but on the bottom is a wrought--iron circle, with a script letter "M", to re-mark the ashtray sand!
    Superb Food, Impeccable service, and unbelievable wine cellar, and super Bananas Foster or Cherries Jubilee, and 5 different themed dining rooms for grroups NOTE; Their "sister" restaurant is The Rams Head Inn, in Absecon. outside of Atlantic City....NOTE#2 There's a section of Newark called Great Neck, it's better known as "Little Portugal...If you live uo there, or are going through there, make i a point to hiit it..Every corner has a bar, you walk in, the floor crunches! Peanut shells, and dungeness crab shells, Have a fresh steamed dungeness,crab right out f the crate at the bar they give you your tools, you crack 'em, and just toss the shell on the floor... Then, have some of the best Paella you ever had!

    New York;, Yeah,,so many places.. Katz's deli is freaking great, but the best thing about thr big name Delis, is the competition!Between Katz's, The Stage, and Wolfies, they ALL make Outstanding Pastrami, Corned Beef, Roast Beef, Beef Tongue (Their "Big4). The competition is in the SIZE of the sandwich. (You can actually get stuffed in 1/4-1/2 of a sandwich, and have at least enough for another) I particularly like Frankie and Johnny's on the corner of 47th and 9th .
    After a Broadway show, it's the BEST steak and chop house in Manhattan!

    Pennsylvania; Aside from Philly cheesesteaks and hoagies, DiNardo's, not too far from the Betsy Ross House and Elfreth;s Alley, has been there sincethe mid 1800's or earlier. Great Snapper Soup (turtle, not fish), excellent both New England and Manhattan clam chowders. One of their speialties are Stuffed Crabs, quite different than a crabcake, but delicious, Lobster Newburgh, along with Steaks,, and great Lamb and Veal Chops

    South Carolina; Jimmy's Bar-B-Q and Calabash;... Whenever I decide to drive to Jersey to visit my mom, I time it so I can stop at this place, and my mouh waters the closer I get to it! I get a "Carolina Bar-B-Q sandwich...a big, soft burger bun, that they squirt a decent amount of their hot BBQ sauce on, then heap it up with lightly sauced pulled pork. They then put a scoop of chopped cole slaw, and it's topped with a sauced bun!! GAWD!!........BUT, I also gotta get my Calabash! This style of deep frying began in the town of Calabash...not too far from there.. I ordered my soft-shell crab sandwich, a LARGE crab, that first gets dipped in milk, then in seasoned flour, back in the milk, and back in the flour...THEN, into this seasoned light egg wash, seasoned, (way more milk than egg)..They drop a fry basket into the fryer first, so nothing sticks, then they take this large crab out of the egg wash, and while it's still dripping, drop it into the fryer, They prep a bun with their homemade tartar sauce, top and bottom, and put a mix of diced tomatoes and onions. When the crab comes out, it's got all of these lightly crunchy "danglers", from the batter dripping along with the crab!They top it with a leaf of crunchy lettuce, and give you some extra tartar sauce! Sure beats stopping for a murderburger on I-95! NOTE: You can also get ANY kind of seafood calabashed... catfish, shrimp, cod, Haddock, oysters...you get the idea!

    I could probably go on, ..but I have a doctor's appointment to go to.. maybe more when I get back, depending on how I feel.
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  4. AzCatFan

    AzCatFan GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 9, 2007
    Arizona: Love that they chose El Charro in Tucson. The original in downtown is one of my favorite restaurants in all of Arizona. And if you go, you have to try the carne seca. It's a regional dish, but El Charro downtown is the only restaurant that has permission to dry the meat the traditional way--on the roof on drying racks. The meat is cured with onions, sundried tomatoes, and herbs/spices. It tastes amazing and nobody does it better than El Charro.
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  5. gatorjjh

    gatorjjh A Gator with a Glass half full attitude VIP Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Irvine, Fl
    I'm with Bill, Bern's has been the best so long they retired them from Golden Spoon competition
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  6. tegator80

    tegator80 GC Hall of Fame

    May 29, 2007
    Richmond, VA
    Pierce's for Virginia???

    Um, it is a place to eat and it is okay but the best in the state?

    Family style food is too subjective and there are too many who fit the bill. But if you want to go the top of the list you have to begin and end with The Inn at Little Washington. It ain't family style but it is the best.
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  7. Claygator

    Claygator GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 11, 2007
    It's hard to argue with either Joe's or Bern's, but I'm guessing Joe's won out because it was a seafood restaurant, serving a local dish no other state has--stone crabs.
  8. gatorknights

    gatorknights GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 8, 2007
    Gainesville, FL
    When I went there, Bern's was the only place I could not finish the 1/2 cow errrrr steak they served. It was delicious. Honorable mention goes to Jack Benny's in Minneola :cool:
  9. Kirby

    Kirby GC Hall of Fame

    Sep 14, 2009
    Rocket City
    I've been to Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur, AL (~25 miles west of Huntsville) several times. Its appeal is the white sauce they put on their BBQ chicken. I think they invented it or claim it if they didn't. All it is mayo, vinegar, and pepper. It's okay, but the Highlands Grill in Bham was just voted the best restaurant in America, so I would go with it instead.
  10. fastsix

    fastsix Premium Member

    Apr 11, 2007
    Canlis isn't a bad choice for Washington (or Seattle at least). It's been around a good while and is consistently rated as one of the best restaurants here, but it's very expensive and is really more of a special occasion type of place. The problem is that the other two places which I think may have had "icon" status have recently had ownership changes and aren't the same.

    Shiros, where the owner Shiro now has a sushi restaurant in Pike Place Market called Sushi Kashiba.
    Paseo, where the owner's family left and opened a new place called Un Bien.

    So the restaurant's names have icon status, but the actual food they got famous for is now served at different places. There are also several good restaurants in Pike Place Market besides Kashiba, some are pretty old, but the market overshadows them. And then there's the restaurant in the Space Needle, and it's kind of hard to be more iconic than that, but the food isn't good.
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  11. gatorknights

    gatorknights GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 8, 2007
    Gainesville, FL
    Pat O'Brien's in NOLA
  12. g8orbill

    g8orbill Old Gator VIP Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Clermont, Fl
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  13. gatorjjh

    gatorjjh A Gator with a Glass half full attitude VIP Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Irvine, Fl
  14. phatGator

    phatGator GC Hall of Fame

    Dec 3, 2007
    Dayton, Ohio
    Been to the ones for AL, CA, LA, MO, OH, SD, TX, and maybe NY
  15. WhattaGator

    WhattaGator All Along The Watchtower Moderator VIP Member

    Care to elaborate?
  16. outbackjack

    outbackjack Premium Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    I mean, it’s fun.....but best restaurant in NOLA???

    It’s not in the top 3 on its block of the street for pure restaurant.
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  17. WhattaGator

    WhattaGator All Along The Watchtower Moderator VIP Member

    Man, How about Broussard's, Anyone's and Arnaud's, just to name a few in

    ALL of them are not only iconic, but great dining.
  18. deathroll

    deathroll GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 8, 2007
    St. Petersburg, FL
    Agree, and believe this kind of logic is used a LOT when these 50 states lists are put together. Getting some unique dish or location really helps eliminate the duplication that would/does occur when you go to create a list with 50 items in it. Still, "both favorites".
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  19. StrangeGator

    StrangeGator GC Hall of Fame

    Apr 3, 2007
    Gene and Jude's in River Grove Illinois? Are they kidding? No, I haven't eaten there but I've driven by it hundreds of times and never thought about stopping. Never heard anyone talk about it. There are thousands of those in Chicago and the suburbs. How can one Vienna Beef Hotdog on a Rosen bun be so much better than all the rest? Chicago was named best restaurant city in the US this year by Bon Appetit, but not because of hotdogs.

    Chicago rules but I'm with Bill. Never had a better dining experience than Bern's.
  20. lwg8tr

    lwg8tr GC Legend

    Deluca's huh, iconic. Not even close. Now Iconic if we are talking Pittsburgh, is maybe Pamela's. Even Barack Obama used to have the pancakes flown into the Whitehouse. Best breakfast joint in the country, period. Now if we are talking the whole state of PA, that's a hard call. I am a 'Burgher but Philly has it all over us in terms of food, the Italian is off the charts. Little Nonna's off Locust of in Philly, to die for Italian, the spaghetti and cheese stuffed meatballs are orgasmic. Bets food in the country not even debatable is NYC, best steak, best hot-dog, best pizza, best Thai, best deli.