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Alaska 2019

Discussion in 'GatorTail Pub' started by G8trGr8t, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. G8trGr8t

    G8trGr8t Premium Member

    Aug 26, 2008
    Wife and son went up to mother-in-law in Wasilla for 2.5 weeks early August. I went up for a week and did some fishing and some hiking. Visited Seward, caught some halibut and some salmon, nothing great but brought home 50 lbs in fillets.

    Hiked up to the top of the Hubbard Icefields trail outside of Seward. Realized when I got to the top that the mate on the boat two days back was as sick as he appeared because I caught it and it kicked my arse. Nothing to jumpstart a good depp chest cold like 4 hours of deep breathing hiking up the side of a mountain.

    Stopped at a roadside stream where we spotted some pink salmon and got ran off by a brown bear who seemed to favor the fishing hole and when he started huffing it was clear he didn't want any company. Tried to sneak back to a spot to get some pictures but couldn't find him after I traded my phone for my zoom lens. Decided it was best to leave the spot to him.

    Wife told me to get lost so she and her mom didn't catch it when we got back to Wasilla so I spent a couple of days wade fishing the Little Susitna River with my son and caught a lot of chum salmon. No good to eat but fun to catch. Helped a 12 year old girl catch her first fish ever and that was really satisfying. Her and her Mom were on the bank behind us not far from the Little Su boat ramp and I convinced them to shed their shoes, roll up their pants and wade out and the next fish I hooked I handed rod to her and with a little help she got the fish in. Good times, felt like death warmed over but those were probably the two best sick days I have ever had.

    Saw a bull moose get hit by a truck on the Parks Highway. He was still alive but immobile. Always searching for a pick of a big bull with full rack but didn't want that one. Game warden comes out and euthanizes the animal right there int he middle of the highway and then someone gets a call (cops and game wardens have a list of numbers to call (usually native families and certain qualified organizations) and they come harvest all the meat so none goes to waste.

    Far from our best trip up there but anytime you can get out of August heat in SW Fl and head to those mountains is a good time. Wish I could spend my whole summers up there

    A few pics and videos here

    Alaska 2019


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