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MUST READ: Ads and the like

Discussion in 'Help Forum' started by GatorGrowl, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. GatorGrowl

    GatorGrowl Forum Admin Moderator VIP Member GC Staff

    Jan 19, 2012
    Paris, TN
    If you are having a problem with a pop up or an ad that keeping you from content then please post in this forum.

    What I will need is a screen shot of the ad (if possible) and the URL of the ad.

    Normally I check and respond to any inquiries on the Help forums each day, normally in the morning other than Sundays.

    I will then send in the info to Berandette who will inform the ad person to search and destroy the ad.

    I have asked all moderators to send any thread in other forums to one of our two help forums. This forum is on my watch list so I will be notified when a new post occurs.

    You can also send me a PM with the info if you would prefer the personal touch. Normally I will reply withing 24 hours other than Sundays.