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(WBK) Added thread prefix for Women's hoops

Discussion in 'Nuttin' but Net' started by solari, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. solari

    solari GC Janitor Premium Member

    Per my post in the BG Den here about thread prefixes for other sports, I've added a Women's Basketball prefix to be used here to help differentiate from men's basketball.

    You'll have the option to choose that when posting a new thread. : )


    One of the neat things about thread prefixes is when viewing a list of threads you can click on the prefix itself to get a list of threads specific to that topic:


    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
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  2. HallGator

    HallGator Senile Mod Moderator VIP Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    Outer Limits
    Very nice. Thanks!!
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  3. number1

    number1 GC Hall of Fame

    Oct 9, 2011
    Wait a minute, when did the Fistbump rating get added? Miss 2 days on here and all types of new stuff goes down. lol
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  4. themistocles

    themistocles VIP Member

    Apr 8, 2007
    Temple Terrace, FL
    Yeah, I noticed that one also num1. I seriously considered giving that to an excellent post, but decided not to, merely to maintain consistency with others.