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Apr 13, 2024 at 9:14 AM
Apr 3, 2007
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GC Hall of Fame, from Fairhope, AL (Mobile/Pensacola Area)

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Apr 13, 2024 at 9:14 AM
    1. nickdelatorre
      It was nice to meet you tonight!
      1. TheRaid likes this.
      2. TheRaid
        Thanks. I enjoyed meeting you as well. Keep up the good work.
        Jan 23, 2014
    2. gatorjjh
      de Nada :) I like your comments :)
    3. jkgator89
      I was up in your area the last few days. Enjoyed the visit..Go Gators
    4. busigator96
      cool, i'm not the only impassioned one here about all this debt stuff. LOL
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    The records set by Muschamp and Mullen are epic lifetime achievements I never thought I would see in my time on the earth.

    SOS was "the truth hurts" guy. Meyer is the "what is truth?" guy.

    *The Original GatoRaid

    The pain of discipline.
    The pain of regret.
    Make your choice.

    You went to FSU? Cool. Did you get your BS in Revisionist History, or did you get your BA in Clowning Around, Whining Influence, or CrimiNoleogy?