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Jun 6, 2022
Jun 17, 2007
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Jun 6, 2022
    1. vertigo0923
      yeah, we are on the 'healthy train', well i've been on it for a long long time, but getting a red meat/potato guy like the hubby was difficult, and oh my, he backslides a lot, lol. that's nice what you're doing for your sis. family is the most important thing we have!
    2. vertigo0923
      hey, how are you! hope all is well, gonna try (again) to post more regularly. mom in law is sick now, so we'll see.....hope your family is well, and of course your beautiful daughters!
    3. MusicCityGator
      Thanks for caring, but I have Venison in the freezer right now. I haven't eaten a minute steak or any ground beef that was not from a deer in years. My blood work they ran on me the day of my surgery shows my cholesterol total at 130, my triglycerides at 100. The DR says it was my sodium total and the stress in my life that gave me the new zipper.
    4. vertigo0923
      doing ok, still missing mom. i guess this is gonna take awhile. :(
      how are you? hope you had a great time at the wedding :)
    5. vertigo0923
      My mom lost her fight the morning of May 2, 8:27 a.m. I am now on my way home at a hotel. I've been so exhausted. Not sleeping or eating right. this is so difficult, as I know you understand.
    6. vertigo0923
      Sorry been so long. Can't write about this yet but will in a couple weeks maybe. Been down here in Melbourne on FMLA having helped as long as was possible, but now watching my once strong vibrant intelligent beautiful Mom leave us. She's in an inpatient hospice facility, it's really nice and peaceful, and they are caring. But tonight looks like her last night on this earth. I'm a wreck. No more special mom/daughter vacations here, just enjoying her company. At present she can't speak. She can grasp my hand and eke out a smile. I'm paranoid about cancer too.none of my grandparents but both my parents. And for my husband, my mom in law. My best friend lost her 42 yr old hubby to pancreatic cancer.scary. I hope you're ok and I'm so sorry about your brother still. Too young. :(
    7. vertigo0923
      you're not alone being paranoid. count me in that too. it seems no one's family is untouched by cancer. and some more than others. that'll be both parents and a half sister for me. i sure feel for you too, my friend. sometimes i wonder why the upswing in what used to be rare ones. and why the upswing in autism. >sigh<
    8. vertigo0923
      hey, just since you and i talked in length about your brother, and i know what you went thru, i just found out a few hours ago my mom had a spot on her lung which turns out to be 3rd stage lung cancer. she just got over the pelvis fracture, and nicely too. she's active, eats healthy, is far from overweight, exercises, did everything right...never smoked...wtf? i just found out a little while ago. here i am in kentucky....there she is in melbourne. i'll be taking fmla and spending some quality time with her...very soon. i'm still very sorry about your brother, sigh.
    9. vertigo0923
      quite the wet winter we're having. you guys especiallly!
    10. vertigo0923
      sorry haven't been around, like, at all. hubby had a stroke, he's way too young to have a stroke. he's ok, but it was scary. what a horrid end to this year. It's just been a run of bad luck for us, I guess. It was his blood pressure. Now he'll take care of it, like he should have been doing. I guess he felt young and invincible. >sigh< hope the new year finds you and yours well.....
    11. vertigo0923
      god love you for your concern, seems if it's not one thing its another. 1st a huge deer with a full rack jumped one lane of traffic & landed on the hood of my mustang, and totaled it out. that was kinda heartbreaking. i got a new eclipse, with FWD, six speed. a 'pussy' sports car due to FWD. but i drive north into some bad weather conditions, and this is really better. second, and least important, my computer got a virus and was fubared. i just got it back today, so here i am! last, but definitely not least, is my beautiful grandson, Lucas, was just diagnosed with 'high functioning autism' so we all have to work together to get him better. we have a lot to learn, and we're learning it now. i was sad and depressed upon hearing that, for my son especially, it's hard being a single dad. he's also in college for his BSN at austin peay. it'll be difficult, but with all of us pitching in, we can do it. he starts 'head start' monday. i hate it that so much is locked up in his head.
    12. vertigo0923
      that is so very fabulous news about your brother, i am SO happy for you! and i'm so happy for him! prayers do get answered! i just can't get over how wonderful that is!!!
      it's my neck that i've had surgery on, 11 yrs ago next month, and i was supposed to have a follow up surgery, to remove more osteophytes, and clear away more disc debris, and i never found the time....it hurts but it's manageable. just aging process i guess, lol. and definitely not life threatening. i know you are going to have the happiest of holiday seasons this year, i'm so happy for you!
    13. vertigo0923
      everything is good, how are you and yours? i have a knee replacement coming up in the not so distant future, i've just discovered. ouch. ;)
    14. chrise9885
      Thanks!!! Much appreciated!!!!
    15. gatornana
      Seminole....just across the intracoastal waterway from Indian Rocks beach. about 5 miles south of Clearwater.
    16. gatornana
      I know how you feel....always happy when the snowbirds and tourist go home at Easter. :D

      Talk about a beach invasion....RNC will be here soon. Way too many, actually thousands of Pubs will be staying out here at the beach. :eek: I will do my best to stay out of trouble :ninja:

      I checked out those pics.....awesome! Can't believe how your girls have grown. Isn't it the best to live so near the beach. Have lived on or very near the water all my life. Enjoy what is left of the summer and get ready for Gator football :D
    17. vertigo0923
      prayers for your brother...
    18. vertigo0923
      thank you! i hope you and your family have a wonderful mother's day weekend
    19. vertigo0923
      Same here tonight, that's what made me mention it, we were supposed to get a whole inch, but looks like its passing by, i think the cold front just pulled in Cuz its windy and dropped ten degrees,last two yrs, too much snow, this year, none. But we had a great white Christmas last year, u probably did too?
    20. vertigo0923
      Hey is your winter as boring and snowless as ours? Yawn!!!! I would have liked at least one decent snow.
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