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  1. TallyGatorGirl
    Living in Texas but my heart's in Gainesville.
  2. 60gator
    60gator RayGator
    Emory Jones is from LaGrange, Georgia not FL. Thanks for your service.
  3. Swampie
    Swampie Shade45
    1. Shade45
      I was just joking. I use the "c'mon man" like Fee uses the red X. :-)
      Nov 27, 2019
    2. Swampie
      Cool, really like your stuff on GC
      Nov 27, 2019
      Shade45 likes this.
    3. Shade45
      Thank you!
      Nov 27, 2019
  4. gatorjjh
    gatorjjh kellykool
    Happy Birthday, Hope the day is terrific for you and yours!
  5. gatorjjh
    gatorjjh GatorGuyDallas
    Happy Birthday GGD! Hope you have a terrific day!!
    1. GatorGuyDallas
      Wow! Thanks Gatorjjh. That is very thoughtful.
      Nov 25, 2019
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  6. fklein8724
    koo koo kachoo
  7. ncbullgator15
    ncbullgator15 akaGatorhoops
    Hey aka. My buddy and I will be In Charleston on Thursday and Friday. Interested in joining us for a beer? Phil 919-906-3326
    1. akaGatorhoops
      I’d love to. I’ll be there with family so I’ll have to see if I can break away. I’ll bring your number!
      Nov 18, 2019
  8. Gatorrick22
    Gatorrick22 candymanfromgc
    I want to thank you for all that you bring to the Awesome Recruiting forum...
  9. gatorjjh
    gatorjjh beachpiratefla
    Happy Birthday Pirate, Hope you have a great day to celebrate the first day of your best year yet. I'd send you some rep but the dastards abolished it long ago!
  10. gatorbuck23
    gatorbuck23 unclenunzio
    Hey Uncle....assuming you were the moderator in the “Stoops” thread, can i ask why my comment was deleted?
  11. gatorade
    gatorade gatornana
    Is there something going on with the site? Lots of pop ups are taking over
  12. ellipsis
    Looking for the remote...
    Generally unpleasant.
  14. brokerdanob
    brokerdanob halleygator
    Were you brothers with Grat-dog at UF?
  15. insuragator
    insuragator RattlerGator
    If you come to UF-UGA stop by RV city and see us. We will be the 2nd RV on Alligator Alley right by the entrance.
  16. taejr7747
    Alive and well.
  17. brokerdanob
    Swamp Gas display is all jacked up
  18. kjones
  19. GratefulGator
    GratefulGator gatornana
    Hi Nana, sorry for being such a jerk Saturday night.
    Beer may explain my behavior, but it certainly does not excuse it.
  20. gatorbeave
    gatorbeave unclenunzio
    I wrote this (link - https://www.facebook.com/richard.retey ) today on my Pagebook acct... It's long just got out of the hospital today was only in one day... I went in with the symptoms of a heart attack, had one eighteen years ago. I believe the stressors came from the Auburn game.

    Thinking the LSU game just may kill me.
    1. unclenunzio
      Hope you feel better.
      Oct 9, 2019