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  1. gatorjjh
  2. gatorjjh
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  4. gatorjjh
  5. gatorjjh
  6. Gatorrick22
    Gatorrick22 icequeen
    Come back to us, Icequeen... We all miss you, I miss you.
  7. gatorjjh
  8. WindoverG8tr
    Messages 503 +693 neutral 10 negative -5 GC Legend
  9. WindoverG8tr
    Messages 503 positive +693 neutral 10 negative 5
  10. ETGator
    ETGator OklahomaGator
    Re: Pruning -- I didn't see the notice in time. Sorry! I've been here since 2006-2007 and get mostly "thumbs up" and "likes" and "winners" but a handful of "dislikes" -- so please just reset me to whatever you think is appropriate. I did also get 2-3 "best post ever" too. Thanks!
  11. GratorGator
    Growlin...always Growlin.
  12. jamiegator
    Counting down to Mullen year two and a trip to the College Football Playoff. Feeling hopeful!!
  13. thekentuckygator
    Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!
  14. mrgator
    mrgator candymanfromgc
    Love the "come on man"! At first I couldn't figure out why my comment would elicit a come on man but then I had a good laugh. Happy New Year to you and well done! :)
  15. g8torsincebirth
    Floridian by birth, Gator by the grace of God
  16. tigator2019
  17. bucboy87
    bucboy87 jking1114
    Do you still have the two tickets? If so, how much and what section? Thanks and Go Gators!
  18. thekentuckygator
    Beat Michigan!!!
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  19. irgator12
    Come to the gator game, we'll get together, have a few laughs.
  20. ncgatorfan
    Always cheering for F-L-O-R-I-D-A!