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  1. gatorbrett
    gatorbrett panamacitygator
    This is gatorbrett, my tickets for FL vs GA game are sold. I posted on both the sites
    I posted last night. Thank you
  2. BenTrillGriffin
    Grantham for Governor!
  3. ETGator
    Enjoying the day trader's lifestyle . . . and the Florida Gators!
  4. thekentuckygator
  5. G8RCB
    G8RCB airrailey
    where did you get that shirt (profile pic)? Awesome. I would definitely buy one
  6. ufgator865
    ufgator865 gatoron89
    I'll be in Nashville for the game and am interested in the tickets. I may need a total of 8 tickets
  7. BenTrillGriffin
    There ain't no easy way out!
  8. powers
    powers RayGator
    How do I delete my account?
  9. intimigator1
    Himmafushi Maldives
  10. Hornet09
    America is all about speed, hot nasty bad-ass speed - Eleanor Roosevelt
  11. Hornet09
    America is about speed hot nasty badass speed
  12. gator126
    gator126 daswamp
    Daswamp, I still have the two seats available.
    1. daswamp
      OK I'll take them. How do you want payment?
      Oct 1, 2018
  13. gatorfan5220
  14. gatorfan5220
    gatorfan5220 MatsideObserver
    Comment About Hyland Hall
  15. gatorfan5220
    gatorfan5220 MatsideObserver
    My reason for making that comment about Hyland Hall is

    Perfect Game comments if a player is a good student There was no mention there for Hall.

    The schools listed for him are Arizona State and Auburn. Auburn noted for accepting anyone.

    I never wish to denigrate anyone and I did hedge my comment using the word - could.

    I do respect your views, Matside. Should you think my comment too harsh I will remove it.
  16. FoxWaterGator
    Why does the St. John’s River flow North?
  17. sportsdownsouth
    sportsdownsouth lwg8tr
    I have 2 Florida Georgia tickets in 443, Gator side
    Row M. The section starts at row E and goes up to HH so it isn’t that high compared to other seats.
    $350 for the pair. We can do payment through PayPal. What do you think?
  18. Gatorrick22
    Gatorrick22 gator3x
    Higgins is faster... according to AS.
  19. GratorGator
    1988 Graduate. 1984-1988 Hell-raiser.
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  20. tallygator
    tallygator hhpgator
    I live in Tallahassee, just saw your post of August 11, bringing civilization to the savages!
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    2. hhpgator
      Yep. Just moved away to ATL. Enjoy the misery tomorrow. My daughters favorite pastime was counting fans at Publix after a loss!
      Sep 4, 2018