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  1. GatorPrincess8
  2. wingator22
  3. gatorpcola
    Whacha Lookin at? Go Gators!!!
  4. doeringmortgage
  5. lbgator
  6. GatorPrincess8
    beat tennessee
  7. HotlantaGator
    I like this podcast over most of the other ones out there.
  8. lizardface
    Remember folks... it's "lose" not "loose"...
  9. gatorwin
    gatorwin panamacitygator
    2 of my 4 tickets for the KY game have been sold. I still
    have 2 on 50 yard line. Total $450. 904 233 4720
  10. purpleporpoise
    Gators got that Rama Jama…
  11. utahrangerone
    Roasting alive in the hell of 2022
  12. tarnold0318
    tarnold0318 enickelsen
    Much for the Utah tickets wanting to take my son to his first game and I’ve never been to a premium matchup?
  13. jimzgator
    jimzgator gatorbrownn
    Fat fingers ?
  14. jimzgator
    jimzgator ddaddy
    Off topic or fat fingers ?
  15. GatorTruth133
    Host of the Gator Truth Florida Football Podcast, Alum and Lifelong Gator
  16. irgator12
    Come to the gator game, we'll get together, have a few laughs
  17. irgator12
    I read this morning he isn't going to Miami. Haven't read anywhere that he changed those plans.
  18. jimzgator
    jimzgator jailer
    What's the come on for ? Asking for confirmation because him and Pemba suppose to leave today for Miami visit
  19. gatorsreborn
    New account, new coach, new era...here we go Gators !!
  20. g8trdave
    Money that is afraid cannot be utilized in a manner that results in more money.