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  1. UF24ou14
    UF24ou14 northgagator
    Very cool. Thanks for the info. Seeing something like The Square is a rarity in cities today, and I like seeing something like that. My parents grew up in Sebring and they had The Circle. I haven't been there since the very early 70s, so I don't know if they have that anymore.
  2. UF24ou14
    UF24ou14 northgagator
    Morning, thanks for replying. I loved the Marietta Square. Had a lot of fun there when I lived in Woodstock. Took my girlfriend to the Strand to see "Casablanca" for Valentine's Day a few years back. Is Hemingway's still open?
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    2. northgagator
      Yes it is! Some minor changes in the stores that surround the square, but nothing dramatic. Some good fine dining to be had there!
      Nov 28, 2023 at 11:09 AM
  3. UF24ou14
    UF24ou14 northgagator
    Hey, where in N Georgia are you? I lived in Ellijay for awhile, then lived in Woodstock for almost eight years. I miss the change of seasons and the weather.
    1. northgagator
      Hello UF24ou14 ! I am familiar with Ellijay
      I moved up to the Metro Atlanta area, from Jacksonville, to Lawrenceville back in 1991. I stayed there for almost 25. I now reside in the Cobb County, Marietta area.

      I still come back to see family and friends. But those are short visits.
      Nov 27, 2023 at 6:14 PM
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  4. RayGator
    RayGator 19gator
    Hope the young 19gator is having good times! Go Gators:)
  5. fishnerd1
    fishnerd1 ETGator
    Where are you in east TN? I’m in Cookeville. Go gators!
  6. sjparker
  7. gatorsteve_1967
  8. 74gator
  9. razorhog83
    i am new here not here to troll
  10. Persian
    Persian lizardbreath
    Hilarious buddy.
  11. gatorbate91
    gatorbate91 MCB51
    Hey just want to say I know I might have been one to irritate you on Saturday. I promise you I’m a die hard and have been my whole life. Steve Lawrence (my first cousin) played for Fl back in the day and that’s probly where it started in my family. Sorry if I come off as negative at times. I am a realist and sometimes an optimist but try to avoid being negative. Just wanted to say sorry if I was a nuisance.
  12. akaijenkins1
  13. gatormonke
    You ever take a dump so big you feel empty inside after?
  14. swimGator
    God Bless America!
  15. pkaib01
    Status Message
  16. pkaib01
    "Scared Money..." - Billy Napier
  17. gatorstevelp
    gatorstevelp IndianaStew
    It was littlebluelw
  18. ncblue
  19. 74gator
  20. gatorinnova
    Remember that time when we could've hired Lane Kiffin.....