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Florida Gators keep composure to defeat Kentucky at Rupp

The Florida Gators came away with a momentous victory on the road over the No. 18 Kentucky Wildcats Saturday night.

Scouting Report: Florida Gators vs. Kentucky Wildcats

Ah, College Game Day. There isn’t anything better than that. Well, actually it would be better if it was in Gainesville instead of Lexington...

Championship Traits for Florida Gators basketball

What are some of the championship traits that the Florida Gators basketball team has this year.

Florida Gators respond after Wildcat reality check

The No. 2 Florida Gators responded to consecutive losses by beating No. 9 Florida State.

Florida Gators fall to Kentucky Wildcats, 80-61

The Florida Gators fell to the Kentucky Wildcats 80-61 on Saturday afternoon in Lexington.

Florida Gators flirt with victory but falter at the line

The Florida Gators fought hard but didn't have enough in them to pull out a win.

MILLER REPORT: Behind enemy lines

Mark Miller sheds light on what it's like to be a Gators fan living in Dawg country.