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Florida Gators Football: GC Members Pick the Greatest Gator Play (part...

In the sixteen years that I have been hanging around Gator Country one of the all-time recurring arguments has been

Florida Gators Sport Report and Nostalgia for September 12th

There is something different about waking up on Florida Gators game days

Florida Gators Sport Report and Nostalgia for September 11th

In 1982, in a game that was to set the tone for Florida Gators football going forward,

Thoughts of the day: April 23, 2014

Dante Fowler Jr. has to step his game up this season if the Gators are to improve on 4-8.

Thoughts of the day: March 13, 2014

Florida is rated the #2 football coaching job in the country by Athlon Sports.

Florida-FSU: 20 lasting memories

Depending on your perspective and the year, Florida-Florida State is either a source of eternal joy or immeasurable agony. Here are 20 lasting memories...

Thoughts of the day: November 27, 2013

Oddsmakers have established FSU as a 27-point favorite to beat the Gators Saturday.

5 things that stood out against Georgia Southern

Solomon Patton has been the silver lining to a miserable season for the Florida Gators.

What Do We Do Now, Gator Nation?

Former Gator All-American Carlos Alvarez sends a message of hope to the Gator Nation.

Ask the quarterback

Each week former Gator All-American John Reaves answers your questions about the Gators.

Ask the Quarterback

Former Gator All-American quarterback John Reaves answers your questions about all things football, a feature that will be a regular part of Gator Country...