Wall Street spinner working to save Corzine

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    Yet more proof that the only difference between the major parties 99% of the time is who pays the bribe ... er ... lobbying fee. Media is hardly saying "boo" about this lawsuit against him. Gee, I wonder why.



    From the link:

    Levander also claimed the lawsuit is “based on meritless allegations that Mr. Corzine failed to supervise an experienced back office professional” -- O’Brien -- “who was located in a different city and who did not report to Mr. Corzine or even to anyone who reported to Mr. Corzine.” But it’s quite clear from the CFTC lawsuit that O’Brien was taking a lot of supervision from Corzine on how to move money around to keep MF Global from going down the tubes.

    Then there is Steven Goldberg, a partner at communications firm RLM Finsbury, who called the CFTC lawsuit “not surprising considering the political pressure to hold someone liable for the failure of MF Global.” That’s an even bigger joke: There has been zero political pressure to hold Corzine accountable for what he did to MF Global.

    In truth, the CFTC’s vote to file the case against Corzine was unanimous. It also crossed political lines. (CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler, a former partner of Corzine’s at Goldman, recused himself.) “Given the damning evidence, we’d be negligent if we hadn’t brought a case,” CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton told me. He’s absolutely right about that.
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    O'Brien is somewhat of a recluse from what I hear. Never knew "he" was actually a she - her book, The Game, was a life changer for many.

    Back on topic - sadly, I think you're right - Pubs/Dems, Libs/Cons seem to be two sides of the same political coin.

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