Wait until he tries to file a claim

Discussion in 'Too Hot for Swamp Gas' started by gatordowneast, Oct 11, 2013.

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    One man's experience trying to get insurance through the exchange. Multiply this guy's experience with millions of others and you have Obamacare. President Doofus commented about Tech roll outs. He has no clue. No tech roll out in history is as expensive or such a total failure as the Exchanges. And a public company who rolled out such a disaster would be delisted in a week. And there is no end in sight.

    As I was reading this story, it was deja vu. I have attempted at least a few times daily to create an account to check rates. Nada. No success after 10 days. Fortunately, we already have coverage. Our plan was not canceled...rates just increased 18.7%. After reading about the nightmares of others, we feel fortunate.

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    WRT Obama's commentary on tech rollouts ..... Usually, to discuss a matter you should have some degree of expertise, preferably accrued from education and experience. Thinking about Barry ..... The guy is a Chi-town legalist who has never really done anything. Thinking about this ...... I now realize just how accurate both the Missouri rodeo clown and my man Clint Eastwood were with their impressions of the failure in chief.

    If only ...... It would have been so easy to avoid this $8 trillion in additional debt and the abomination known as the ACA if a few more folks had acted in a more responsible fashion. My fear is Barry's ACA will push a financially distressed nation even closer to the Armageddon the lefties continue to threaten.

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