UF Practice This Week? Losing control?

Discussion in 'Swamp Gas' started by GatorRider, Oct 22, 2013.

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    Just curious as to whether or not any of you that live in Gatortown would be able to sneak a peak at practice this week?

    With so many comments about WM supposedly "losing control of the team" which..IMHO is a crock....a quick review of how practice is going should give a sign of whether or not that theory is true.
    Are the players responding to coaches?
    What kind of effort are they giving?
    What's the general attitude of players? Psyched, or sulking around. Any energy? Any hustle?

    Any first-hand observations would be appreciated.
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    You won't get them. You will get another round of posts about how we are the mighty Gator Nation and cannot tolerate a coach who is learning on the job. And a healthy sprinkling of "Muschamp is in over his head".

    Of course someone posted without any evidence that Foley had two people refuse the job before Muschamp accepted, which could lead you to believe that maybe he did the best that he could.

    Just for the record, without seeing some evidence, I don't have any reason to believe the assertion about the refusals unless they were pie-in-the-sky shots like maybe Bill Belichek, or someone else just as unlikely.
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    I got a peak this afternoon, and saw Muschamp running the stadium steps, with the players hooting and hollering at him from below.

    Meanwhile, off to the side, I saw what appeared to be one of the trainers drawing up a play for Brent Pease.

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