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    With Butler not being neck and neck, we lead for education....

    If education, weather and doing well in the nba are important to Trey, we may have a shot here. Still going to be tough to beat out UK. We got education and weather though. Discuss:

    Lyles Sets Florida Visit (UPDATED)
    August 19th, 2013 9:56 pm

    Trey Lyles has set an official visit for Florida and the 6-foot-10 Canadian forward is being personally recruited by Gators head coach Billy Donovan.

    “It is official…date will be the 5th of October,” Tom Lyles, Trey’s father, told

    Florida hosts Arkansas in football that weekend.

    “He [Trey] likes the way they play as well as the guys that have come from the program and how things are going for them with the fact the weather is nice year round,” Tom Lyles added.

    Donovan, who this summer led the U.S. U19 team to the World Championship in Prague and coached against Lyles’ Canadian team at the event, is personally recruiting Lyles.

    “Literally, it’s been all Billy Donovan,” Tom Lyles said. “Pretty much for every one of these programs it’s been the head coach. Personally I spend more time talking a lot with the assistants and the head coach spends more time talking to Trey.”

    The 6-foot-10 Canadian will also visit Louisville Aug. 31 and Kentucky Oct. 18, as previously reported here.

    He’s also considering Butler despite the coaching change that brought in Brandon Miller.

    “I would say they’re definitely in the race,” Tom Lyles said. “I wouldn’t say they’re neck-and-neck, only because of the factor that we haven’t talked much with coach Miller since he’s taken over for [Brad] Stevens. I will say though the school and the program kind of speak for itself….Education is huge in the (Lyles) family.”

    At this point, none of the four schools has an edge.

    “At this point everyone has said pretty much the same thing,” Tom Lyles said. “I told each one of the four, for open gym we do not want them to come. No point. It’s time to talk particulars.”
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    It is about education or weather about 0.1% of the time.
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    I think the education thing is overrated when it comes to 95% of recruits. Its not like we're talking ivy league stuff here. Recruits that are thinking they'll be 1 or 2 and done are probably slightly less concerned with academics. Most of these guys are going to make their money in the NBA. If they don't, its hard for me to see much of a functional difference between their bachelors degree saying UF vs UK. I'd actually argue Lexington being a larger city, and the publicity/admiration that bball players recieve, a non NBA player might actually be lined up better for a plush job once out of Kentucky. I used to work downtown and saw this happen. Many work places want an ex-cat around to go out to lunch with everyday. Not saying this couldn't happen at UF too though. I just think the percentage of athletes that are going to heavily consider the difference between different schools' academics is a very small one.

    I don't know about Lyles specifically when it comes to this.
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    Education matters for college football recruits of any level sometimes because they are forced to be in school long enough that the might get a degree. Top basketball recruits consider it little as they generally hope to be on campus a short a time as possible.

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