The Muschamp Dilemma

Discussion in 'RayGator's Swamp Gas' started by roflcopter, Oct 21, 2013.

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    I realize there are a ton of threads with people expounding upon both sides of this argument that probably doesn't have a completely right or wrong answer. I'm not posting this to debate my position because honestly, unless you are Jeremy Foley, your position doesn't really matter at this point in the game. Collectively fans can voice their support or frustrations but they tend to need a cumulative effect in order for the AD of any school to make a change. The reason for this post is this:

    There is obviously a problem. This is evident by the rift that exists between the Muschamp apologists and the Muschamp detractors. It is a polarizing subject. You are either on board or you are not. I don't think this is fair. Everyone who is a fan and member of Gator Nation has a right to their opinion. But what we are doing is berating and lashing out against anyone whose opinion dares to differ from our own. Whether Muschamp fixes this or not is irrelevant to the current season. As fans, I would hope that we could at best try to support our team and the kids who have made the decision to make UF their college home. If a coaching change is necessary, it will eventually happen. Too soon for some, not soon enough for others. But our players deserve our support, even if your heart can't get behind the current coaches. The seas are certainly treacherous at the moment but we all know the song....... In All Kinds of Weather....... Peace.

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